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Pre-Wedding Photographers Jalandhar | Sparkling Affection

Pre-Wedding Photographers Jalandhar | Sparkling Affection

A Beautiful Night – that creates the atmosphere of love, the bonfire – that lights up the emotions and the silence – that creates aura for such amazing couple. Love can be felt around the full moon and twinkling stars where the sky seems to shower its blessings on the newly made for each other. Moreover, when it comes to night, it seems to be more appealing and the couple always wants to capture those special moments for their whole life. Although, such moments need perfect time and techniques to be captured. Thus, We at Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab, is providing the best pre-wedding photographers Jalandhar.

About the couple

This mesmerizing picture depicts the cold night of winters in which the couple is enjoying while talking to each other. Appearance of full moon has created such appealing effect that adds up spark, and strengthens up their bond and makes them realize how special they meant to be for each other. In this picture, couple is enjoying each other’s company with light music and warmness of fire that just makes everything look perfect.

About the Picture clicked by Pre-wedding photographers Jalandhar

The happiness and involvement of couple is clearly seen in this picture as they are wearing traditional attire of Punjab. Groom-to-be and Bride-to-be, both complement each other with wearing the contrast of pure red and orange color which make them look just electrifying. Moreover, they wrapped a traditional Khesi (warm Punjabi traditional cloth) around them. It has captured with the long exposure of DSLR, that captures the reflections. As only moon is the source of the light, it has produced the interesting effects in the picture that illuminates the foreground.

About Studio Memory Lane

Capturing moments in the low light and specially in the dark is considered to be tough and one needs to be master in that. Our pre-wedding photographers Jalandhar are always there to suggest you all the latest ideas with ongoing trends. So, don’t worry at all! As we are here to help you with our best photographers and best low light capturing techniques and equipment. As our aim is to capture your best moments and days with our perfect services. Here we are to ‘Capture Where You Want!’, as we believe in providing our best services to you and make your smile wider.

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