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Punjabi Couple Photography Amritsar

Punjabi Couple Photography Amritsar

Punjab is famous for its tradition and culture; here in this picture, it is preserved by such traditional theme. Although, capturing moments make them to live forever. Also, such pictures become more appealing when they’re full of old culture and tradition. Also, it is a best way to connect with the customs of Punjab. So here, Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab, portrays the culture in the form of Punjabi couple Photography Amritsar.

About the Punjabi Culture and Tradition in the picture

The picture has portrayed the culture and tradition of Punjab. Moreover, the love, compassion and dedication is something that you can clearly see in the picture. We set up the shoot in front of the old muddy house within a village which is surrounded by greenery. Couple’s attire represents the tradition of Punjab in which they’re wearing traditional material such as, the bride-to-be is wearing a beautiful red suit with heavy embroidery, i.e. Phulkari (traditional heavy embroidery scarf). Moreover, the bride is glaming up with the traditional accessory such as Paranda, making her look more elegant. While the groom-to-be is wearing a decent kurta pajama with wrapped Khesi (warm traditional cloth) and the Kaintha (traditional necklace of large beads).

In addition, the setup of lights is vibrantly presenting the couple in more focus while the blur background is highlightimg all the aspects of the picture to make it more realistic and expressive.

About the Punjabi Couple Photography Amritsar

Here, the couple is sitting together facing each other with the smile that completely shows the passion and excitement of their relation. Their love seems to be one of the reasons that makes the surrounding more electrifying and amazing. Whereas, they’re more comfortable and sharing their thoughts that strengthens up their trust and understanding. Capturing such moments makes couple feel rejuvenating and happy when they go through such memories.

Also, it is must to mention that this picture is the perfect example of Punjabi Couple Photography Amritsar, that takes us to the roots of Punjabi culture.

About Studio Memory Lane

Everyone wants to capture their tradition and culture. Although, you also want such beautiful and descriptive moments to capture in still frames. Thus, here we are as a team of experts, that brings all the exploring ideas and trends in front of you. We are presenting the traditional theme for you! It’s the time to shoot with our best services and equipment, all along the way to make everything just look like as ‘ A DREAM COME TRUE‘.

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