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Wedding photographers Hoshiarpur | You driving me crazy!

Wedding photographers Hoshiarpur | You driving me crazy!

We all have some special people in our lives, whose presence create the joyful moments and make you feel stronger in all the hard times. Such people deserve to be captured in the pictures that will remind you about the experiences you had with them. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane – the best wedding photographers Hoshiarpur, are here to capture all your special memories that you spend with your loved ones.

Best wedding photographers Hoshiarpur

Night Shot!

In this picture, we are presenting the best work done by the team of Studio Memory Lanetop candid pre wedding photographers in Hoshiarpur. We used the car as the main prop. As, it is night shot so it was like a challenge to get the details and clear expressions of the subject. For this, we used the various lights in the car as well as outside the car to get perfect shot. Moreover, we suggested the couple to give a romantic pose in which both are embracing each other showing that they are very much involved together.

You driving me crazy!

Raat Di Gedi!

Here, you can see the couple wearing the perfect color contrasts. The bride-to-be is wearing pink Punjabi Suit with heavy work and matching accessories like danglers etc. She is styled up with a long braid that is providing volume to her look. On the other side, we – the professional wedding photographers Hoshiarpur, have captured the groom-to-be in his formal look. Also, he is carrying the light blue shirt with the contrasting jeans.

Close-up Photography Tips!

Seeing something closely is magical. It helps us to know the minute details of a particular thing. Close up photography is fun. Also, it is a good way to test your photography skills. So, here are the tips:

  • SELECTION OF CAMERA AND LENS FOR PHOTOGRAPHY: This is not necessary that in case of close up photography you need an expensive camera. Any camera and lens can be used to take beautiful close-up images.
  • EXTENSION TUBES: These are tubes placed between camera and lens. These can be used to extend the distance between rear element of the lens and digital sensor.
  • CLOSE-UP PHOTOGRAPHY TIP – START WITH A FLOWER: There are many things that can be used as subject but if you are a beginner, you can choose flowers as they are not that much challenging subject.
  • PREVENT SHAKING OF CAMERA: Capturing details is a very crucial matter. You need to be sure that the clear photographs come out of camera. Try self-timer or a remote release to prevent the shaking of camera.

To read the detail article, you can go through our blog on BEST CLOSE-UP PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS in Blog Section.

Studio Memory Lane – the wedding photographers Hoshiarpur

All memories have some positive effect on our lives. Therefore, we, Studio Memory Lanethe best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, have all the best equipment to capture the facial expressions in the dark shots. Our team is very proficient in managing any type of photo shoot with our latest and trendy ideas.

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If you are also looking for the wedding or pre-wedding photography, then we – the best wedding photographers Hoshiarpur, are there to provide you the best experience.

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