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Candid wedding photographers Jalandhar | Ishq wala Love!

Candid wedding photographers Jalandhar | Ishq wala Love!

Wedding is the main day where two souls intertwine together for the lifetime. The ceremony has many functions to be covered that need the professional skills and equipment. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lanethe best candid wedding photographers Jalandhar, are there with all the best-rated services and team that will make your wedding day more special for you. Here, this is a shot taken during their pre-wedding photo shoot.

Candid wedding photographers Jalandhar

Portrait Mode!

Here, for this picture, we used the hue-effect in the background that is highlighting the subjects very well. We used the DSLR cameras with the prime and compact lenses to get the HQ pictures that will make your album look unique. This is a close up shot where we focused on the facial expressions of the couple. Here, we suggested them to be natural and pose the way they want for their pre-wedding shot.

Ishq wala Love!

Stunning Couple!

In this picture, you can see the couple is wearing the casual attire. The bride-to-be is carrying the white top with open hair. She is also teamed up with the danglers and her engagement ring. On the other hand, candid wedding photographers Jalandhar captured the groom-to-be in a matching white shirt and blue jeans. Both are looking very involved and friendly. Their love and dedication towards each other will help them to make their relation grow healthier and stronger.

Photography lightning tips!

Whether you are a beginner or professional photographer, you all might have curiosity to know the lightning system that you can manage to get the perfect and HQ pictures. So, here we go with some tips on that:

  • Broader light source gives the softer effect:  The use of broad light will help to eliminate the shadows, even balance the contrast, and highlight the texture. Moreover, in broad light source, the rays fall on your subject from more directions, which tend to illuminate the scene.
  • Bouncing light acts as diffusion: We suggest you to make a narrow light fall at a matte surface— for example ceiling, wall, etc. This will not only reflect the light but diffuse it by scattering it up over a wider area.
  • Shadows create volume: We describe it as a 3-D way to capture the image. Here, you can sense it by seeing an image on a flat surface. This will help to show an image with volume.

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Studio Memory Lane – the Candid wedding photographers

When it comes to the best pre-wedding or wedding photo shoot, we, at Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here using our best cameras for enhancing your experience. We always prefer to use the modifiers and lightning system to capture your pictures with high quality. Moreover, we are providing our services at value for money packages. Our all types of photo-shoot services are available in any part of the nation.

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If you are also looking for wedding or pre-wedding photography, then we the professional candid wedding photographers Jalandhar, are there with our all latest and updated equipment.

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