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Top photographers in Amritsar | Pre-wedding is fun!

Top photographers in Amritsar | Pre-wedding is fun!

All the memories are very special for you and as wedding photographers in Amritsar, we understand it very well. Thus, we Studio Memory Lanethe top photographers in Amritsar, are there with all new latest ideas that will make your pictures look more trendy.

Top photographers in Amritsar

Let’s Have Fun!

In this picture, we – Studio Memory Lane – the best candid pre wedding photographers in Amritsar, are portraying this couple in the complete studio based set-up. We used the various props such as artificial flowers and hangings. We even suggested the couple to give their natural expressions. We made them pose a little dramatic in which the groom-to-be is calling the bride-to-be from the window.

About the Groom-to-be and Bride-to-be

Pre-wedding fun!

Here, we – the top photographers in Amritsar, captured the couple wearing the beautiful color contrast. The bride-to-be is carrying the golden gown with heavy floral design. She is also carrying the matching accessories, whereas the groom-to-be is wearing the formal suit with the black shades.

Theme ideas for photo shoot!

Before getting married, we all plan for so many things. All those dreams that we have seen since so long for this one special day, come in the consciousness and left us with thousands of thoughts of what to do or how to do. Therefore, here are the themes:

  • FOODIE THEME: Everyone wants to hang around the places where one can eat food and have fun and that too with your very own love of life. There are super cool themes of pre-wedding photography, named as a ‘foodie theme’ where you click pictures with tempting food.
  • PET THEME: Pets are the most precious ones without whom our life seems incomplete. With them, you can try various cute poses. Also, they give you the most candid moments for a perfect candid shot.
  • FRIEND-ZONED THEME: Now, we are talking about the theme in which we include the friends and the dear ones. Without friends, we all are incomplete. We all have such friends who have helped us in everything since ages.
  • FILMY THEME: Filmy theme – it clearly means with Films. We all know how films are – dramatic, emotional, thrilling, and so on! When it comes to a setup related to films and that too for pre wedding photo-shoot themes, it only means with romance.

To read the full article, you can go through our blog on BEST PRE WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT THEMES in Blog Section.

Studio Memory Lane – top photographers Amritsar

When it comes to capturing the pictures, we completely understand the importance of the memories that you spend with your loved ones. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are available for any type of photo shoot services. Our team is highly professional and experienced while covering any type of occasion.

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