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Outdoor wedding shoot in Chandigarh | Low light areas!

Outdoor wedding shoot in Chandigarh | Low light areas!

When you have your partner by your side, then, there is no reason to worry about anything happening with you or in your life. Spending even some time with your partner can prove to be a very relaxing experience for you. Therefore, we, Studio Memory Lane, are presenting one of the best pictures in the collection of Outdoor wedding shoot in Chandigarh. 

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Outdoor wedding shoot in Chandigarh!

About the shot!

Nowadays, a new trend can be seen in the market and guess what Studio Memory Lane is there with that trend as well. The couples are getting impressed with the low-light photography. For capturing this shot more clearly and perfectly, we have used the DSLR cameras with beamers and modifiers. Moreover, our professional photographers have adjusted the frame according to the wide-angle view. We have also arranged the hanging lights behind the subjects. Such setting has enabled us to create a balanced shot that is very appealing and mesmerizing. One of our works can also be seen in the Wedding Photo in Chandigarh, where we have used the similar equipment and techniques for capturing this shot.

For capturing the best low light photography, the equipment also plays a very important role. So, let us know a little bit more about the equipment used in this low – light shot.

Let us know about the equipment!

The source of light plays a very crucial role in presenting the subject and various elements of the picture in an appealing manner. So, for this shot, we have used the below – mentioned light sources, which are described in brief.

  • Beamers: With the use of a beamer, it helps the photographer to makes it possible to capture pictures that you would not be able to get without it. However, it also acts as a magnifying glass. It can also be the reason for the damage to the camera or lenses if they are not used carefully.
  • Modifiers: Light modifiers help to control the light.

Therefore, these are some of the best artificial sources of light, which will help you to get well-illuminated shots and appealing images.

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Necessary Equipment for photography

About the couple!

Low light areas!

In this picture, you can visualize one of the creative works done in the Outdoor wedding shoot in Chandigarh. The couple is captured in complementing attires. On one side, the bride is wearing a long dark green gown. She is wearing matching accessories such as heavy necklace sets, danglers, etc. She has styled her hair with wavy bun and flicks. On the other side, the groom is carrying a formal similar color suit with complementing accessories such as Tie, Kada, etc.

Studio Memory Lane, provides outdoor wedding shoot in Chandigarh

All events and ceremonies are very special for all of you, thus, we, Studio Memory Lane – best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, are here at your service. We have a passionate and dedicate team of photographers, who are always ready to shoot your precious moments. We have even mastered all types of photography services like wedding photography, pre-wedding photography or reception photography, etc. Apart from Chandigarh, you can enjoy our services all across the nation with value for money packages.

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