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Chandigarh photo shoot for couples | A pre-wedding look!

Chandigarh photo shoot for couples | A pre-wedding look!

Every love story has its magic, thus, we, Studio Memory Lane, are presenting the best Chandigarh photo shoot for couples with all the latest and trendy themes or poses. Our company completely understands your sentiments and emotions behind capturing pictures. Every picture describes something special about the subjects. So, when you book us, feel free about the proper coverage of your special event.

Chandigarh photo shoot for couples

The idea behind the Frame!

Always remember that your work will reflect your compassion. Therefore, in this picture taken by photographers of Studio Memory Lane, you can visualize a perfect picture for pre-wedding. Moreover, this shot is taken with a vintage car. For this shot, a wide-angle lens is combined with the DSLR cameras. Such lenses have enabled the camera to capture all the elements around the couple in one frame. The shot is illuminated well with the natural daylight with HD clarity. In the background, our photographers have made the whole set-up of the garage by using various relevant elements and props. We also guided the groom-to-be to pose while looking into his beloved eyes near the car.

A pre-wedding look!

Old is Gold!

This picture is one of the perfect examples of the Chandigarh photo shoot for couples.  In this, the couple is carrying the western look. Whereas, the groom-to-be is wearing a grey jacket with formal blue jeans, while the bride-to-be is looking pretty in her short dress. She left her long hair half-open and a ponytail with a high rubber band secures the other half. The couple is making a swaggy look in their black shades. Both are looking very elegant with each other and revealing their strong and friendly bond.

Studio Memory Lane – best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh

We at Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, are here to provide all types of photo shoot services. Also, we have a tremendous collection of traditional as well as trending themes for your pre-wedding shoot. We have a team of expert photographers, who have experience of many years in this field. We make sure to capture your memories by using all the latest technical devices and perfect lighting set-up. Our company works best for weddings and pre-wedding photoshoots. We are always working hard to enhance your experience of the photo shoot with us.

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