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The best of Punjabi Professional Photography

The best of Punjabi Professional Photography

Are you living in Punjab? Are you looking for the best of Punjabi professional photography? Or are you the one who scroll the web searches for finding the professional candid wedding photographers in Punjab?

Well, hold on! We as Studio Memory Lane – a team of best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, are here to provide you the best photography services in Punjab.

We know it is difficult for you to believe on us in one go. It takes a lot of research to choose the right team of photographers for your special days of the life, but we can help in making it easy for you.

In this article, we will share some of the photographers with you that we have clicked so far to give you a proper evidence for the work quality that we provide in terms of the professional photography.

Start from a Professional Cinematography!

Let us start from a video that we have shot with our cinematography skills with the utmost passion and hard-work. Before discussing its star points, we want you to have a look on this amazing video shot by the cameras of Studio Memory Lane!

Well, this video is all about an amazing experience of shooting a professional pre wedding shoot. The bride-to-be and groom-to-be are looking gorgeous in a filmy attire.

It is a video shot in a cinematic view where they are lip dubbing a lovely Bollywood song. It is showing a romantic chemistry between the couple, where they both are loving the vibes of togetherness on a beautiful destination.

The main idea of shooting such pre-wedding videos is to add some cinematic drama in the real life of the couples where they play leading roles of their love story and live hundreds of moments together.

Also, if you are a photographer and want to learn some tips related to the cinematography, then you can read our blog – ‘Cinematography tips – you need to know!

Glimpse of Punjabi Professional Photography

After discussing about one of the best cinematography videos of ours, let us move ahead towards the pictures that we have clicked as the best of Punjabi Professional Photography. Every picture has a different couple story as we have written a lot of stories for Chandigarh and Punjab, separately! – Visit the pages and read if you haven’t read yet!

A Beautiful Punjabi Bride

Punjabi Bride Photography

This picture is all about a beautiful Punjabi Bride posing for her professional bridal photography. It is a beauty of the Punjabi brides that they wear all red. Red is a color of love, which seems so pure. Thus, this bride is giving the actual bridal goals with her red authentic lehenga, i.e. bridal dress.

Looking at the pictures, we get to see a photography of another level, where we have used a vibrant background. The theme is also very interesting that the bride is sitting on a wall which is not too tall. There are fields behind the bride. Overall, we get to see a theme which gives us the idea of a Punjabi wedding.

An amazing Punjabi Pre-wedding setup

Punjabi Pre-wedding Photography

When you talk about the best of Punjabi professional photography, this picture speaks volumes for its beauty. It is a picture that is clicked for the Punjabi pre-wedding photography. The couple is reflecting a bond of togetherness with utmost faith in each other.

A boy kissing her girl’ forehead is the best moment for a couple. It is a feeling of true love that can’t be expressed in words and we shot that lovely moment in this frame.

The theme of this picture is Punjabi. As you can see, the couple is wearing a Punjabi attire and shooting for their pre-wedding photography. We have shot a lot of pre-weddings with such Punjabi theme. It is the most trending setup with which the youngsters want to recreate the culture of ancient Punjab.

And we, as the photographers, create such setups for our lovely couples where they can pose for their special day with utmost joy and fun.

A Perfect wedding Couple

Punjabi wedding photographers

Look at the couple, aren’t they look perfect with each other? We saw them cherishing their bond of love together when they were going to tie in a beautiful relationship of husband and wife and without wasting a minute, we panned our camera and clicked this perfect picture.

The couple is looking beautiful in the traditional attires for the wedding ceremony. You can see their happy faces in this picture. It was not a pose they made on demand in fact, it is a real capture. Thus, here you can see the most beautiful candid picture of a couple living a moment to the fullest.

Moreover, when you talk about the picture, it is clicked by focusing the camera lens. When we click candid picture, we try to take it as a secret mission. The picture is clicked by secret camera eye by focusing this candid moment in a perfect frame. The moment it sets into the frame, the camera takes a click with the element of originality in it.

A little romantic one!

Punjabi professional photography

The picture sets the frame for a romantic couple and the moment which is about being close to each other. It shows how an electrifying chemistry can work for a picture to look perfect in absolute still frame. You can have the vibe of love is in the air!

Talking about the photography, it is a shot where light plays a major role. We clicked it in a black and white frame because of its vibe where you sense a feeling of romance in a very abstract manner. The light coming through the window behind is playing a significant role in making this shot a perfect lightening one.

In this picture, the couple is all set to start a new life with each other and making some wonderful memories in the form of their pre-wedding photo shoot. Thus, we are creating a wonderful memory lane for such couples so far!

Love is in the air!

Professional photographers

This picture seems perfect for the title – ‘Love is in the air!’ It is so because the couple is shooting for their pre-wedding photo shoot in Punjab with a romantic vibe on a beautiful place near bonfire.

It gives the idea of warmth, that reflects the lovely chemistry of this cute couple. The picture is also clicked by a very interesting way. A blue shade from one side making it look even more vibrant and a blurry view of the bonfire is giving an amazing view to the sight. All over, it is a perfect setup for a professional pre-wedding photograph.

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