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Photography Love Stories Chandigarh – Twenty Nineteen

Photography Love Stories Chandigarh – Twenty Nineteen

We have heard or seen various love stories so far. The stories that shows the bond of true love with its picturization, come from the camera rolls of Studio Memory Lane – a team of best professional candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, which we named as Photography love stories Chandigarh. In this post, we are going to discuss the photographs or video captured by the frames of Studio Memory Lane in Chandigarh and Punjab.

The main purpose of sharing such post with all of you is to show case the work quality of the company, so that you can make a wonderful choice for the overall coverage of your special day.

Love Story through Videography

Here, we are presenting you a beautiful love story through the videography done by our hard-working and passionate team. Let us all have a look on the video to cherish the most wonderful moments of a wedding couple.

In this video, the couple is having a lovely time together, celebrating their engagement ceremony. The video will show you the glimpse of the whole event in a summarised way.

It shows how they started a beautiful journey together with such a sweet Punjabi song. Their loved ones are enjoying and dancing. All these lovely moments are captured in this one video.

The couple also has given their bites, i.e. they talked about each other which shows how lucky they feel to be together.

The attire is complementing their glam look for this perfect event. Kanwar Chahal, groom-to-be, dedicates a melody to his would-be-wife!

Photography Love Stories | Chandigarh

Selfless relationship

Professional photography

This picture is all about a pre-wedding photo shoot of a lovely couple, representing one of our best photography love stories Chandigarh.

In this picture, the couple is posing for a pre-wedding shot, with utmost love and affection. It gives the idea of warmth and tenderness because of this lovely hug.

In this picture, we have used the theme of library. We believe that book is a most selfless thing, that only gives, never takes! Just like this couples as they are having such kind of selfless love for each other.

The attire of the couple suits with the objects shown around in this frame. It is a very unique frame where the camera is hidden behind this wooden shelf. It is focusing the couple in a very attractive way.

We have clicked various pre-wedding couples with this theme of library as it is a trending one. It always gives such amazing and vibrant results.

A musical bond

photography love stories Chandigarh 2019

Music is the most amazing thing in this whole world. It reflects the melody of love through the symphony.

The couple in this picture have such kind of relationship, which we named as A musical bond. Both, groom-to-be and bride-to-be are posing for their pre wedding photo shoot with this giant piano.

It is giving a very vintage look to the picture. Also, the couple is looking so sweet in the frame of love and melody. They have matched their clothes as they both are wearing black which is looking classy.

When you talk about this picture, we can see that the lights have played a major role in it. A soft light behind the couple is playing a main part to give it a soft look.

Moreover, the theme is presenting the idea of royalty in a candid way. As you can see, the couple is posing in a candid way for shot. It is the reason why the picture has the utmost beauty.

Light it up!

Chandigarh Photography

A smile can shine like a star and when it comes on the face of a bride, it lightens the glittery spark all over. With the beauty and glam, this bride is looking the most beautiful one for her wedding.

She is all ready in her red look for her perfect eve. Red is the color of love and that is what she is spreading with her inner vibes.

Thus, we decided to click it in a red frame. There were the red lamps which we thought to use for this perfect red shot.

In this picture, we played on the light of these lamps, where the bride in posing behind these red lamps to give this shot a perfect finish.

We focused the bride in a way that the lamps become a little blur, to give the picture a beautiful red effect which can not be edited in any software. It is only the camera technique that we used for this beautiful bride.

Simplicity at its best!

photography love stories Chandigarh

Have you ever seen a couple lost in the eyes of one another? Well, if you haven’t, just look at this lovely couple of ours, posing for one of their wedding events.

The couple is giving the actual wedding goals on this special day by making promises to each other, holding the hands. You can not avoid their attire, which is complementing this picture even more.

If you are wondering what is so beautiful about this picture, then we would say it is the couple. Both, the groom-to-be and bride-to-be, are looking so beautiful in this frame that it was not at all a problem for us to find the perfect props for them.

The picture is clicked at the place where the event was held. The background is looking absolutely perfect for this picture where the simplicity is playing at its best.

A gorgeous bride

Photography love story

This gorgeous bride is all set for her wedding day. She is looking perfect in this pink lehenga for the Punjabi wedding. The symbols of an ethnic or traditional bride are – kaleere, choora, nathni, etc. All these are the Punjabi names of the traditional jewellery that a bride wears on her wedding day.

In this picture, the bride is throwing perfect bridal goals. She is cherishing the most beautiful moments of her life just before getting married in the form of a bridal shoot.

Every girl dreams of her bridal look. Thus, when the day actually comes and she gets ready for her loved one or would-be-husband, the moment is worth capturing behind the frames of beauty and love.

The picture is having a vibrant look. It has captured a green background behind the bride which is giving an eye catchy look to this frame. Also, she is setting up the prettiest frame with her subtle looks.

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Well these are the photography love stories Chandigarh, which are presenting you the work and quality of our company. We, as a Studio Memory Lane, providing the services of photography in Punjab. Also, we are now available in Chandigarh as well.

In Chandigarh, we are exploring this industry of photography day by day by following the latest trends. Also, we never disappoint our clients or customers in terms of the work quality as we use the highly advanced gadgets for making wonderful memory lane.

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