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Wedding Couple – Inderbir & Swanpreet

Wedding Couple – Inderbir & Swanpreet

A wedding couple, Inderbir & Swarnpreet, spreads love with a charming glow on their face. This is all because of the happiness associated with being together. One can compromise with every little thing except marriage. So, they both lived their special day to the fullest for a happily ever after. They made promises with each other by making pious rituals its witness. They held hands for a walk to remember. All this meant for lifetime to face all the ups and downs together.

Marriage gives birth to a bond not only for one life, but for all the reincarnations one can have. It is the matter of trust a wedding couple seeks for. Getting married is not only confined by a visual Gath-Bandhan. It is an eternal bond linked with the wedding rituals and can only be felt. This is how, this couple made a presence in each other’s life.

We, at Studio Memory Lane captured their feelings in the form of wedding photography. We put all the potential to bring smile on a wedding couple even after so many years of marriage. With the outrageous passion, we make a wonderful memory lane for our customers. Eventually, a happy cry becomes our achievement.


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