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Pre wedding Couple – Gurkanwal & Sandeep

Pre wedding Couple – Gurkanwal & Sandeep

Pre wedding couple, ‘Gurkanwal & Sandeep’ were enthusiastic for their theme photoshoot. They wanted to look like a traditional Punjabi couple and arranged everything related to it. Eventually they looked gorgeous wearing Punjabi attires.

Their happiness was worth capturing. So, our team at Studio Memory Lane made every shot possible. We created the environment by using traditional props like a beautiful white horse, a khunti (traditional Punjabi stick to hold) or Punjabi jewellery like Kaintha & Tikka. Culture of Punjab is the most colourful theme used for a pre wedding couple. It represents that sweetness of love the Punjab knows for. Making it possible to capture behind the colourful frames was challenging. This sweet couple made it easier with their fondness of living into the vibes of Punjabi culture.

We love taking up the challenges while shooting for a theme wedding. Being feasible, we always try to understand the perspective of pre wedding couple we are working with. It important to understand their priorities while setting up for different themes. We assure to set up the exact themes for making the photoshoot memorable for couples.


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