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Happy Chef – Theme of Love

Happy Chef – Theme of Love

Kitchen makes a lot of stories with the best husband or best wife. It suits the most to picturize a theme of love. In the aura of happiness, this couple is setting a wedding goal by keeping the promise of being together in everything. They believe that love is more about feeling the sense of security. For them, it is beyond explanation. The only fact they know is they can fall in love with each other again and again.

So, we at Studio Memory Lane decided to portray their love story in a super kitchen. Here, they got the chance to make memories by doing little kiddish things together. Also, we got our element of happiness to put in the photography. This is all we wanted to capture with the help of this theme of love.

Similarly, we keep on brainstorming to choose the different themes. We make sure to provide a lovable environment to the wedding couples. It gives them the opportunity to feel for each other to the fullest. Setting a theme of love is not so easy. Our respective team work very hard to make it possible only for the wedding couples. With the aspect of working passionately, we try to start their journey of love in a special and different way.


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