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Perfect Mehandi Photoshoot

Perfect Mehandi Photoshoot

Wedding is all about celebrating so many traditions. Mehandi ceremony is one of the most important traditions a bride dreams about. For making it memorable, a perfect mehandi photoshoot is must. This ceremony drives the most lovable feeling of darkening the color of love. It is a symbol of Shagun (Omen) for a happy life. It ignites the passion of strengthening the bond. For a bride, it calls for an excitement of being married by indulging in such auspicious ceremonies.

This ceremony is backed with some superstitions of goodness. Ancestors believe that the more darken the color of mehandi is, the more a husband loves his wife. Moreover, it is a kind of art that is worth capturing. A perfect mehandi photoshoot is must to save this extraordinary art of making abstract designs on hands. It graces this tradition even more.

We, at Studio Memory Lane love all shades of wedding. Capturing all the distinguish ceremonies is what fantasizes us the most. We always urge to click a perfect mehandi photoshoot because of its colorful theme. Also, we try to set the frames for this ancient art of representing Gerua (color of love). With the aspect of providing professional services to our clients, we make sure to explore the value of traditions.


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