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Candid Couple Photography – Akhil & Mahak

Candid Couple Photography – Akhil & Mahak

Happiness is all about having a soul mate. Courtship is the period when you experience it the most with expressions of love. It can be seen in the eyes of this lovely couple – Akhil & Mahak. The moments spend just before wedding are beyond explanation. You experience these heartfelt moments just once in a life time. After the wedding, anything that remains is a huge memory lane.

Couples get to know about each other even more just before marriage. They excites for each other’s likes and dislikes. They try finding love in each other’s eyes. The journey from engagement to marriage is all about experiencing love with the feeling of affection. Passion of love brings a next level of happiness which makes the bond stronger. Love is an emotion that excites you the most when you live into the vibes of togetherness.

We, at Studio Memory Lane create wonderful moments for couples. Pre wedding photo shoot gives the amazing experience of filming a love story. We shoot at different destinations with different themes. Technology plays an important role in shooting the beauty of random poses. Professional photography is something on which we work so hard. We believe in capturing happiness with the passion of collecting emotions behind the most cherished frames.


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