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Pre Wedding Rahul & Tanima

Pre Wedding Rahul & Tanima

“Love is in the air, when there is an affair” Fabulous couple Rahul & Tanima sharing their stay-heart memories together, inscripting the forever bond of love. Happiness is the reason behind a meaningful life we all treasure in our partner. Both expressing their joy of Love, beading memories in the thread of love composing a beautiful symphony all above. Rays of Love are emitting within the couple looking for an amazing and craziest feast; which is elevating the bond of trust.

It’s hard to put the feelings into words still trying to express those moments enchanted at the time of capturing. Awakening the Soul, with the all Love, very gradually, to the skyscraper. No limits that bound, with the promise of staying by your side always. The tik-tok stops when you’re around; there’s absolutely no limit to what you can get from your love, because in the priority list of your love, you are all above.

Studio Memory Lane, helps you time warp those moments to rejuvenate the real feeling residing in the moment. Couple is cute to handle with all love and encapsulating the right frame is what we are perfect about.


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