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Best candid wedding photographers Ludhiana | Like father, Like daughter!

Best candid wedding photographers Ludhiana | Like father, Like daughter!

Every relation has its own uniqueness. The most sensitive relation among all is the relation of a father and a daughter. It is a relation that is beyond the words and explanations of this world. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers Ludhiana, are here to capture those emotions that you are going to experience during your wedding with your loved ones.

For every father, having a daughter in his life is the most precious gift he can ever get. Here, are few lines that are trying to describe such a pure relation of a father and daughter –

 ‘A daughter is always a princess of her father. No matter what the situation is – the one person she can blindly trust upon is her father. All of her sorrows, craziness and confusion just disappear when she runs into the arms of her father. The world makes her introduce to the number of men but the one she actually knows is her father. So, a daughter is always a princess for her father.’

Best candid wedding photographers Ludhiana 

Emotional Frame!

The biggest decision of a girl’s life is to get married and spend her whole life away from her maternal family. It might be easy for a girl to take place in the hearts of the in-law’s family, but it is just impossible for her to take away her maternal family from her own heart.

Here, we as Studio Memory Lane, captured the bride and her father dancing together on the stage. This shot is taken with the help of compact lenses that are coordinating very well with DSLR cameras. We even used the picture modifiers, such as front lights, beamers, etc., which are giving focus on the expressions and actions of the subject. It was the need of the hour to take the pictures in the low light zone, so we also used all the low-light camera techniques for such shots.

Tips for the night or low-light photography!

The most challenging part of photography is capturing the picture in the nighttime. Therefore, here are some tips for night photography that you can use and get awesome results. Let us see:

  • USE THE BULB MODE: You can use the bulb mode whose function is to open the shutter for the excess time until you are pressing the camera button. This mode requires much confidence but it is also helpful in doing experiments freely.
  • MANUAL FOCUS!: Being professionals, we always recommend doing manual settings when it comes to make focus on the subject, especially in the night shots. In addition, to highlight the scene and to add crisp to your pictures, you can turn on the Live View Mode and press the Zoom-in button.

For more information in detail regarding low-light or night photography techniques, you can go through our blog on TIPS FOR NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY | READ TO SUCCEED!  in our Blog Section.

Looks of Diva and Her Father!

Wedding day is the most auspicious occasion for the couple, but it is equally special for a daughter’s father as well. In this shot, we – the best candid wedding photographers Ludhiana, captured the gorgeous bride in her magenta traditional Lehenga and her father is carrying formal suit with vibrant red color Turban and tie. Both are looking equally excited and happy and their smiles are proof of a beautiful saying – “To her, the name of the father is another name for LOVE!”

Studio Memory Lane – candid wedding photographers Ludhiana

Hence, the beautiful bond of father and daughter has many memories and all these memories have full right to be captured in the lenses of the Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers Chandigarh and Punjab. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and experienced when it comes to shooting for any engagement or wedding photo-shoots. Apart from Ludhiana, our services are available across the nation.

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