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Best candid wedding photographers Chandigarh | Saada Pind!

Best candid wedding photographers Chandigarh | Saada Pind!

Every person has some emotions for his or her birthplace. ‘Birthplace’ is not just a word but it is something beyond than one can imagine. A word that brings flashbacks of all the memories of your childhood. You and your love partner must be having some special memories in your birthplaces that you might wish to recreate. Thus we, Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh, are here to capture and reform those special memories in new poses and props.

Being a team of professional photographers, we had tried many new techniques for this shot, so here we are going to discuss some of them:

  • To capture such shots, we had chosen the evening time and even suggest to shoot in such a period, especially when it comes to pre-wedding photo-shoot session in any rural or mountainous areas.
  • Another technique is to give the blurry effect in the background, as it is a convenient way to highlight the subject and at the same time to provide a nice frame to a picture.
  • Never forget to carry traditional props, as it is the best way to represent one’s tradition and culture. You all must be aware of some of the traditional props that represent the culture of Punjab. Some examples are Manja, Charkha, Tandoor, Madhani, etc., so these can be used as props if you want to make your pictures look bit traditional.

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Best candid wedding photographers Chandigarh

Sada Pind Shot!

Every shot has its importance, so we Studio Memory Lane, are presenting one of the traditionally framed pictures. In such a frame, you can see the glance of khoobsurat Jodi! (Beautiful Couple). The shot is taken in the Pind (the word used for ‘village’ in the Punjabi language), where both of them are guided to pose on the rooftop of an ancestral house. They are posing while standing together and looking in the same direction and seem to be enjoying the sunset. Their eyes are witnessing such a peaceful time where they can see open green fields until the horizon. Don’t you have to feel that too?

About the Punjabi Couple!

Pind Di Shaam, Tere Naam!

How beautiful it is when you and your love partner get an opportunity to spend some quality time together. Thus, here we the best candid wedding photographers Chandigarh, have captured both of them in their traditional attires. On one hand, you can see the bride-to-be is carrying the multi-color Punjabi Suit with accessories like danglers, Mang-Tika, bangles, etc. She also wrapped the Phulkari (traditional dupatta in Punjab). On the other hand, the groom-to-be is wearing Kurta- Pajama that is twinning with the bride-to-be. He is also carrying Turban and Khesi, which is making him look smart and attractive.

Studio Memory Lane – best candid photographers Chandigarh

Oh ho! Balle-Balle! Shava-Shava! 

Are you also looking for the best photographers, for capturing your family engagement or wedding ceremony? Then why to go somewhere else, when we as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, are here. Yes! We come up with all types of photo-shoot as well as cinematography facilities in any part of India. Our team is highly skilled and professional when it comes to the quality of our company.

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