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Stylish pre wedding photography Punjab | Look at me love!

Stylish pre wedding photography Punjab | Look at me love!

You & Me’ – this is all you want in your life. Having your love partner by your side is the biggest support and motivation for you. Therefore, we at Studio Memory Lane, providing the best stylish pre-wedding photography Punjab, are here at your service. We know how important it is for you to spend quality time with your partner, but capturing those memories is also very special for you.

Stylish pre-wedding photography Punjab

You & Me shot!

In this picture, we have created the frame with the use of a new technique known as Studio Based Photography. Here, our team did the complete background set-up where we used the old lamps hanging on the wall, creating the lighting effect. The DSLR cameras are working with the compact and wide-angle lenses to bring out all the elements in one frame. The corners are even darkened up to make focus on the subjects and the rest of the area is blurred.

Selecting the background!

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you might be trying hard to create new ideas for the background. In our opinion, there are things that you have to keep in your mind for selecting the background for your pictures:

  • Color Match: The pictures are the foreplay of the colors, so the match of colors you are going to use will directly affect your pictures and their presentation as well. The vibrant color is always good for product or model shoot, but when it comes to pre-wedding or wedding photo-shoots, you are suggested to use pastel colors.
  • Patterns: Colors are not only the background creators, but the patterns are equally responsible for making perfect pictures. Always remember to use simple and light patterns instead of using messy and strong patterns.

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About the Sweet Jodi!

Akha ch Akha pa sohneya!

Here, the lenses of the best photographers have captured one of the unique pictures for stylish pre-wedding photography Punjab. The couple is carrying the western attires that are complementing very well to their personality. The groom-to-be is wearing a white t-shirt with light grey jeans and sports shoes. He is also carrying Turban in vibrant red color. On the other side, the bride-to-be is carrying the twinning t-shirt and blue trousers with off-white shoes. They both are looking cute and friendly.

Studio Memory Lane – stylish pre wedding photography Punjab

All the memories are very special for you as well as for your partner, thus we at Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here at your service. For capturing all the memories in an impressive and presentable manner, we have used the DSLR cameras with compact lenses. Moreover, we have used the perfect lighting system that consists of beamers, modifiers, etc. Our team is highly skilled and passionate when it comes to cover your pre-wedding or wedding shoots. You can even make a booking with us from any part of the nation with customized and value for money packages.

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If you are also looking for the ultimate photography experience, then we, Studio Memory Lane, providing stylish pre-wedding photography Punjab, are available at your booking spot with our dedicated team.

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