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Pre-wedding photo-shoot Ferozepur!

Pre-wedding photo-shoot Ferozepur!

Nothing is more beautiful than the time that you spend with the one you love the most. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane, are there to capture your professional and best pre-wedding photo-shoot Ferozepur.

We are here with all the equipment that will make your pictures ideal for the other couples. Not only this, but our main motto is to work according to your aspirations. As professional, we understand that you might have some different ideas and some special wishes that you really want to fulfill on your pre-wedding photo-shoot.

So, just sit back with relaxation, when we are here to plan, organize and execute the best photo-shoot for you.

Pre-wedding photo-shoot Ferozepur!

Natural shot!

For such an impressive shot, we, Studio Memory Lane have used the boat as a prop. To enhance their posture and expressions, we used the front flashlight. Here, the modifiers are working very effectively with the DSLR cameras to capture the shot in detail. Our team has also suggested the couple to pose with the bride-to be holding side arm of the groom-to-be and standing opposite to each other while facing in opposite direction too.

About the Stunning Couple!

Sagar Kinare Dil Yeh Pukare!

In this shot, you can see the creative and quality work in the form of best pre-wedding photo-shoot Ferozepur. Here, the couple is looking adorable. The bride-to-be is wearing the long golden gown with the matching accessories such as bracelet, choker etc. whereas the groom-to-be is wearing the formal suit with color contrasting brown jacket and formal shoes. Both are twinning with wearing the same dark shades. The chemistry is entirely visible between the couple that is very important for making their relation grow stronger and healthier. The smiles on their face are representing their emotions that they are very excited to spend the whole life together.

Studio Memory Lane!

Whether it is your pre-wedding or wedding photo shoot, you can find the best services here at Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh. We have all the required props and tools that will enhance the presentation of the pictures. To achieve the best quality work, we always prefer to use the latest and updated equipment. Our team of passionate photographers is highly experienced in covering all type of events. Apart from Ferozepur, we are providing our services across the India.

Stay Updated!

If you are also looking for the best photo-shoot professionals in Bathinda, then we, Studio Memory Lane are there to capture your memories in the form of pre-wedding photo-shoot Bathinda.

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