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Top wedding photographers in Ludhiana | Beautiful engagement capture!

Top wedding photographers in Ludhiana | Beautiful engagement capture!

All relations have their special place in one’s life. Thus, we Studio Memory Lanethe top wedding photographers in Ludhiana, are there to capture all the moments that you share with your all-near and dear ones.

Whether, it is engagement ceremony or wedding ceremony, all such events have many memories that are required to be capture, so that they can become the part of your engagement or wedding album. Therefore, we are here at your service to capture such moments.

 Top wedding photographers in Ludhiana

Beautiful capture!

It is completely a studio based set-up done by the team of Studio Memory Lane. Here, we used the various props and techniques to capture this elegant shot. Firstly, the artificial fog machine is creating a magical effect. For this scene, both the prime lenses and compact lenses are working with DSLR cameras to capture the wide angle from the background. The background is decorated with the white flowers and long candles in the center. Such set-up represents that the shot is taken in the snowy surroundings.

About the Future Husband and Wife!

Here, you can see the future husband and wife are wearing the perfect engagement attire. The bride-to-be is posing while standing against the groom-to-be, wearing a long flare white gown with matching accessories. You can clearly witness her princess look. On the other side, the top wedding photographers in Ludhiana, captured the groom-to-be sitting on his knees wearing the formal black suit with brown Turban and formal brown loafers. Both are looking very complementing together and happy as well. Their smiles are revealing a strong and friendly bond that they are sharing with each-other.

Studio Memory Lane

All memories are very precious especially when it comes to your love partner. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there with all the latest and trending ideas that will set an example for other couples. We use the perfect lightning system and lenses to get the quality result for any type of photo-shoot.  Moreover, we have the latest cameras that are functioning properly in all types of events. We even use the drone cameras and crane cameras to cover all parts of event. Apart from Ludhiana, you can enjoy our services in any corner of the nation.

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If you are also looking for the best pre-wedding or wedding photography, then we the top wedding photographers in Ludhiana, are here for making your photo-shoot the best experience of your life.

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