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Pre-wedding photographer Chandigarh | For the heritage!

Pre-wedding photographer Chandigarh | For the heritage!

Now-a-days with the change in trends and preferences, couples find the pre-wedding photo shoot a best way to express the love they have for their love partner. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the professional pre-wedding photographer Chandigarh, are there with all the new poses and ideas to capture such moments.

In India, you can explore historical places that are considered as the symbol of love as many of them are made by the ancient emperor’s for their beloved wife’s. Therefore, the couples mostly like these places for such photo-shoots.

Pre-wedding photographer Chandigarh

Perfect shot!

It is one of the best works done by the team of Studio Memory Lane. Here, we used the various props for making this picture look traditional and authentic. We presented the couple sitting on the Manja (folding bed) and enjoying the surrounding. The DSLR cameras are performing their function very well by capturing all the foreground and background details. In addition, we used the sidelights to coordinate with the lenses in capturing the expressions and emotions of the subject. However, it is the daytime shot, thus the sun is the main source of light.

About the adorable couple!

Here, you can see the couple wearing the traditional attires of the Punjab. On one side, the best Pre-wedding photographer Chandigarh, has captured the bride-to-be carrying a very beautiful color contrasting Punjabi Suit with heavy Dupatta. She is also wearing various accessories such as MangTikka and Jumkia. Whereas, the groom-to-be is carrying the typical Punjabi KurtaPajma in blue and white shades. Also, both are wearing the Punjabi Jutti to give themselves the best traditional touch. All such things represent them as proper ‘Punjabi Couple’.

Studio Memory Lane

When it comes to pre-wedding or wedding photo shoot, all you want is to capture all the special memories of that event. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, are there with the best-rated team of photographers. We use all the latest and updated equipment to enhance your any type of photo shoot experience with us. Moreover, we have collection of all the new and trending ideas that make your picture one of its own kinds. Apart from Chandigarh, we are providing our services across the nation with pocket- friendly packages.

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If you are also looking for the best experience of photo shoot whether it’s about pre-wedding or wedding, then we the best pre-wedding photographer Chandigarh, are there at your service

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