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Top wedding photographer Moga | Holding the love!

Top wedding photographer Moga | Holding the love!

When it comes to wedding, this is the event where guests visit to celebrate your happiness. For such celebrations and joyful moments, all you want is to capture the presence of your loved ones by the best photographers. Thus, we Studio Memory Lanethe top wedding photographer Moga, are there with all the latest camera kits that can easily cover all the minute details of such lavish events. To enhance the presentation of such memories, we prefer to use the advanced props to make the shots one of their own.

Top wedding photographer Moga

Candid Pose!

Here, we are presenting the best candid picture captured by the team of Studio Memory Lane.  We used the DSLR cameras for capturing the candid pose. In addition, we guided the couple to be natural so that their expressions and smile seem appealing. Moreover, we used the perfect lightning system and modifiers to enhance the facial expressions of the couple.

Trending Wedding Poses!

Being a photographer, it is very important to understand the needs of subject especially when it comes to wedding or pre-wedding. So, here we are presenting some brief introduction of the poses. Thus, if you are a beginner or professional photographer, can use these poses to show your camera skills for capturing the best shots of the couple. Here we go:

  1. Blindfolded Love – This pose gives you a way more to surprise your partner by blindfolding them and give a push to their curiosity level.
  2. Holding Hands – This gesture not only gives a feeling of affection but also the best way to express one’s love.
  3. Embracing Hug –  A pose while hugging your wife to bring a feel of more connection.
  4. Kiss on Forehead – A pose that is popular among couples from ages to reveal the love and feelings.

There are many more poses to explore. Therefore, to read the full article, you can go through our blog on BEST IDEAS FOR WEDDING SHOOT-2019 in our blog section.

Punjabi Jodi

Tenu Lai Ke Mai Jawanga!

Here, you can see the Punjabi couple, where the top wedding photographer Moga, has captured the bride wearing the traditional Lehnga with matching accessories like heavy necklace set, Chudda and Kaleere.

On the other side, the groom is wearing Shervani with the red Turban.  In India, red color is considered as the symbol and color of love that is preferred to wear in such ceremonies.

Studio Memory Lanetop wedding photographer

There are lots of things that you plan for the wedding day and the most important part of that long list contains the booking for the best photographers. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there to give you the best and satisfied photo shoot experience for any type of photography.

We always prefer to use latest devices and updated software for the editing of your pictures and videos. Our team of highly professional photographers is proficient to work in any type of environment and with any type of device. Apart from Moga, you can book us from any part of India.

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If you are also looking for the best photo shoot experience and want to preserve your memories, then we Studio Memory Lanethe top wedding photographer Moga, are there at your service.

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