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Best wedding photographer Bathinda | Bridal Squad!

Best wedding photographer Bathinda | Bridal Squad!

Friendship is the most precious gift given by the God. It is a relation that you choose on your own and is the greatest source of strength and support in all hard times. So, if you also want to capture the memories that you are going to spend with your friends, we Studio Memory Lane – the best wedding photographer Bathinda, are there with all the new poses and ideas that will reveal your love and closeness with your friends. In addition, your gestures will also make them feel special and lovable.

Best wedding photographer Bathinda

Friendship Goals!

This picture is one of the best poses that you can try on your best friend’s wedding. Here, we Studio Memory Lane used the perfect lightning system and umbrella modifiers to capture this perfect friendship shot. Moreover, we prefer to use the hue-effect that is completely blurring the background and highlighting the girls. We suggested them to be natural for this shot so that we can get the cutest smiles of the bride as well as of the bridesmaids with pout.

New poses you can try with your friends !

Being a beginner or professional photographer, you must know the trending ideas. We are giving the brief information about the poses that are in trend and mostly liked by the people while capturing their memories with their friends. So, here are the poses that we suggest you to use while shooting for Friends Squad:

  1. Intertwining Pose – Friendship is meant as the unbreakable bond and you girls can braid your hair together. This is such an amazing concept, which presents that your lives are interconnected with each other.
  2. Sunset View – Nothing can be better than watching a sunset with your friends. Moments like this are very nostalgic. In addition, it is one of the most common friend picture ideas.
  3. Smoky Pose – Smoke bombs can help in giving magical touch to your pictures. The brightly colored smoke gives a very different effect in the background.
  4. Same Pinch – It is one of the best classical photo shoot ideas. Here, you can suggest them to wear matching or color-coordinated clothes or accessories. Moreover, it seems to be the great expression of closeness and love.
  5. Sparkling Scene – You can create the magical pictures with the help of sparkles with your bff. You can take photos with long and wide exposure. We suggest you to use ambient light of sparkles that adds special effects to the atmosphere.

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Friends Squad!

Here, you can see the bride surrounded by her best friends. The bride is carrying her traditional Lehnga with the matching accessories such as necklace set, Chudda, Kaleere and Mang-Tikka. However, the Divas of Bride are carrying their best attires that are complementing with the bride very well. Also, they are carrying matching bracelets that are revealing their bonding with each other. All the smiles are giving a joyful touch to the picture.

Studio Memory Lane – the best wedding photographer

Wedding and other events become more special when you have your friends with you. Thus, we at Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there with all the trending ideas especially for you and your friends to capture the memories. We use all the latest devices such as Drone Camera to take all best pictures of you and your squad with high quality. Apart from Bathinda, we are available in any part of nation.

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If you are also looking for the best friendship photography or any other type of photography, then we Studio Memory Lane – the Best wedding photographer Bathinda , are there at your service.

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