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Top bridal photographers Moga | Mehndi ceremony!

Top bridal photographers Moga | Mehndi ceremony!

There are number of rituals and customs that celebrate the love of couple. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the top bridal photographers Moga, are here with all the services that will make your pictures and event memorable for everyone. Our passionate team always try to research for the ongoing trends and click your pictures in such way that they can speak out your emotions.

Top bridal photographers Moga

The mehndi image!

For capturing the image, we as Studio Memory Lane used the DSLR cameras that are coordinating well with the subject and capturing all the minute details of attire and mehndi as well. Our highly experienced photographers did the set-up in background by using artificial flower hangings. In addition, to highlight the subject, we blurred the frame of the shot.

Rituals of Mehndi in India!

  • Mehndi, is another traditional and exciting pre-wedding ceremony. In India, people give lots of emphasis on customs and rituals and the same thing is reflected in the Mehndi ceremony before marriage. It has become an important part for the wedding that it is impossible to imagine the wedding without it.
  • Henna: (Botanical name: Lawsonia inermis) It is a small shrub-like plant, found in tropical climates of Indian sub-continent, Malaysia, Africa, Middle Eastern countries. The leaves and branches produce a red-orange dye that is used to make various patterns on the hands of bride as well as groom. It is considered as a Shagun (omen) for the upcoming life of the couple.
  • Ritual: This ritual generally takes place the day before the wedding. The bride and the groom’s family observe this ritual in their own places. Mostly the outfits preferred for this ceremony are simple and with light colors. Usually, the bride-to-be wears a light yellow or green Lehnga or Salwar Kameez, while the groom-to-be wears Kurta Pajama in light colors. During this ritual, relatives apply the mehndi on bride’s and groom’s hands. Now-a-days, it is applied by professional mehndi artists with more elaborative patterns. Moreover, the guests sing traditional songs or folklore with musical instruments.

Mehndi ceremony!

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali!

In this picture, the bride-to-be is looking very pretty and shimmery in her silver attire. The henna patterns on the hands are reveling her happiness. She has done the light makeover. In addition, she has done the eye makeover with dark red and pink colors.

Studio Memory Lane – top bridal photographers Moga

All the special memories of you with your guests on your mehndi ceremony bring a wider smile on your face. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there to capture them and preserve them for the lifetime. We use all the mehndi related props that will make pictures look more appealing. Our team has high experience in covering such events. Apart from Moga, we are providing our services across the nation.

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