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Bridal photographers in Bathinda | Innocence overloaded!

Bridal photographers in Bathinda | Innocence overloaded!

.In life of every girl, there comes the time when she chooses her life partner, the one with whom she decides to share all of her problems and happiness. Thus, we Studio memory Lane – the best professional bridal photographers in Bathinda,  are there with all the latest trending ideas that can make you an ideal for other brides-to-be.

Every girl has many aspirations of getting love, care and support from her life partner in order to achieve satisfaction in her life. Apart from a daughter, she has many roles to play such as a responsible wife, caring and supporting sister-in-law, or daughter-in-law and so on.

Bridal photographers in Bathinda

Creative Shot!

Studio Memory Lane is presenting a stunning bride-to-be in full coverage shot. Here, our photographers have suggested the bride-to-be to pose while lying on the bed. Moreover, this shot is capturing her full dress. Her expressions are revealing her shyness and excitement at the same time. To get this shot, we used all the DSLR cameras with the compact lenses. These lenses have blurred the background and illuminated the expressions of the subject. The beam lightning setup is providing the best contrast and brightness in the shot.

About the Bride-to-be

Innocence overloaded!

We, the top professional bridal photographers in Bathinda, captured the bride-to-be in her beautiful golden-peach gown with heavy embroidery on it. Her hair are styled in light curls with the puff over her head. She is also carrying the matching accessories such as pearl bracelet etc. Moreover, her makeover is giving her such charm and glow that is making her pictures look more appealing as well as presentable.

Studio Memory Lane – bridal photographers in Bathinda

Every girl does many preparations beforehand, just to look like princess on her special days such as pre-wedding ceremonies or wedding ceremony. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there at your service with all the value for money packages. Photography is not only about using the cameras. In facet, it needs a lot of skills and experience that you can find in our team of photographers. We always prefer to use all the latest and updated equipment or tools. The only purpose of using such latest techniques is get the HQ pictures of you.

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If you are also looking for the ultimate experience of photography on your event, then we, the professional bridal photographers in Bathinda, are there to provide any type of photo-shoot services across the nation.

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