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Best bridal photographers Amritsar | Dreams in her eyes!

Best bridal photographers Amritsar | Dreams in her eyes!

All the days become hard when it comes to the wait for getting married to a prince-charming. When a girl becomes a bride-to-be, she has lots of wishes and emotions in her heart related to future husband. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Amritsar, are there to capture all those special moments in single frame with inexpressible feelings in it.

Best bridal photographers Amritsar

Fascinating Shot!

Here, we – Studio Memory Lane, are presenting the stunning bride-to-be, where our team has suggested her to pose with the veil in front of her face. The front modifiers are working very well in highlighting the expressions of the subject. The background is kept dark to elaborate and illuminate the bride-to-be. The DSLR cameras are working very efficiently and coordinating well with the lightning set-ups that are done by us.

Bridal Eye Make up Tips!

There are various eye makeup tips and tricks for bridal makeup that you can use to brighten your eyes as you are the center of attraction on your wedding or pre-wedding day. Therefore, here are the tips for all the brides:

  • Eyebrows: They will help in framing the upper half of your face. Remember to shape your eyebrows and to clean up the hair around the arches of eyebrows.
  • Take care of crease make-up: Blend the colors upwards and outwards to add shape to your eyes. The famous crease colors for brides are burgundy, bronze, deep brown, and other dark shades. Even you can also add a line of glitter to add more drama and bling.
  • Eyeliner: The use of eyeliners can help to steal the show. Also, avoid the thick lines on your upper eyelid and try to create neat line, extending in a wing.

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Dreams in her eyes!

Parde Mai Rehne Do!

Bride-to-be has many dreams and aspirations in her eyes for her future life with her loving partner. Here, we – the best bridal photographers Amritsar, have captured her wearing the stunning silver gown with the heavy necklace set. She is carrying kundan golden set with red pearls in it. Her eye makeover is beautifully captured with silver eye shadow and dark eye-liner. Her hair is styled with heavy curls that are giving volume to her face and adding spark to her charm.

Studio Memory Lane – best bridal photographers Amritsar

Whether it is about capturing the stunning poses of the bride or making her appear like the princess, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there for capturing the best poses in your wedding or pre-wedding photo-shoot. Our team of skilled photographers is always there to use all the latest and updated equipment and tools to capture the HQ pictures. We even have the required props that will make your pictures look more appealing and presentable. Apart from Amritsar, we are providing our services across the nation.

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If you are also looking for the photographers who can capture all the best pictures of you as bride-to-be, then we, Studio Memory Lane – the best bridal photographers Amritsar, are there at your doorstep.

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