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Top candid photographer Ferozepur | Iconic click!

Top candid photographer Ferozepur | Iconic click!

In today’s scenario, couples are becoming bold in presenting their love towards their partner. So, the pre-wedding photo-shoot has become a very popular trend among the couples. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the top candid photographer Ferozepur, are there for providing all types of new and trending ideas for your pre-wedding photo shoot.

Love is the basement for building any relation and those relationships that are filled with trust and care last forever. Thus, we are here to capture your memories that will help you to make your relation grow stronger and healthier.

Top candid photographer Ferozepur

Iconic shot!

It is one of the iconic dim light shots that is beautifully captured by the team of photographers of Studio Memory Lane. Here, we organized lightning system and modifiers to highlight the facial expressions. The front flashlight is working as the main source. Also, it is coordinating with the DSLR cameras to make focus on subject. In such dim light shots, we always prefer to keep the subject closer to cameras and even try to capture wide angle from the background. In addition, it is presenting the shot in very appealing manner. Here, the abstract place is selected for the main set-up to give it a natural look.

Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be

Here, the bride-to-be and groom-to-be are wearing the perfect color contrasts. As you can see, the top candid photographer Ferozepur, has presented the couple posing at an isolated place that is surrounded by the nature. The bride-to-be is wearing the black Punjabi suit with open hair. On the other hand, the groom-to-be is wearing the formal grey suit with black shirt. Moreover, both are looking very cute together. Their expressions are revealing their love that is going to be the pillar of their successful relationship.

Studio Memory Lane

Every picture is embedded with many emotions and expressions that give you the courage to be strong in any phase of life. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there with the best ideas for capturing such precious moments of your life.  We use all the latest and updated devices and technical software for enhancing your photo-shoot experience. Our cameras and photographers are always ready to capture the shot whether in daytime or nighttime. Moreover, we have the latest collection of all types of prime and compact lenses to capture the event from any angle.

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If you are also looking for the best and innovative photo-shoots, then we Studio Memory Lane the top candid photographer Ferozepur, are here with the best-rated team of photographers to preserve your memories for lifetime.

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