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The wedding story – photographed in Jalandhar!

The wedding story – photographed in Jalandhar!

Whenever two hearts and souls intertwine with each other, then they will form the chasmic relation. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane, are there to capture your magical relation that will form your love story known as the wedding story. Being married with the one you always dreamt off and now having the same person by your side for the whole life, isn’t the most satisfying experience you can ever have!

Now-a-days, before marriage the couples love to spend some quality time with each other. Undoubtedly, it is the most exquisite part of life where you are free to share your thoughts and make some golden memories.

The wedding story – photographed in Jalandhar!

Entry Shot!

We, Studio Memory Lane, have captured this shot with the DSLR cameras and standard lenses. Here, we suggested the couple to pose while in the entry gate of the fort, where the bride-to-be is standing opposite to her beloved partner. As they wanted to have the portrait poses, so we have captured this shot with full-length. The tri-pod is used in this shot to maintain the stability. For making the expressions more clear, the lights are set-up in the front of the couple, which is hiding their dark shadows and same time, providing the dim-light effect naturally.

About the bride-to-be and groom-to-be

Photographed in Jalandhar!

Here, we have captured the perfect shot of the couple for their ‘the wedding story’ album. Both of them are wearing the indo-western attires. The bride-to-be is carrying the dark peach three-piece dress with simple and elegant Sharara. On the other side, the groom-to-be is carrying the long Kurta with white flowery patterns with white Pajama. They both are looking complementing with each other and their emotions are presenting their excitement and their extreme intense chemistry.

With change in time, the couples are getting more friendly and open-minded. This thing has provided an opportunity to the photographers like us to experiment with the unique and trendy poses, such as pose while kissing or while dancing on the favorite songs etc. In addition, even the couples prefer the new props and destinations photo-shoots these days. The props include – vintage vehicles, favorite soft toys etc. On the other side, the destinations such as famous monuments, gardens or even the beaches are in trend.

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Studio Memory Lane

When it comes to professionalism and capturing the HQ pictures, then we, Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there with our team of highly skilled and professional photographers. We have all the equipment such as camera kits, drone camera, crane camera etc. with all types of lenses that will make your pictures look ideal for all the other couples. Apart from Jalandhar, we are providing all types of photo-shoot services across the nation.

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If you also want to make up your story timeline with us, then we as Studio Memory Lane – the pre-wedding photographers, are here.

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