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Studio Memory Lane Photography in Hoshiarpur!

Studio Memory Lane Photography in Hoshiarpur!

In India, it is believed that ‘couples are made in heaven’ and the lord ties up their fate in the form of lifetime knots. Therefore, here we are presenting one of the best works of Studio Memory Lane Photography!  The couples are made in heaven and thus, their marriage ceremony takes place in the holy shrines. With the blessings of all mighty and all the near and dear ones, they both promise to share their all happiness and sorrows together.

Studio Memory Lane Photography in Hoshiarpur!

Height Shot!

As experimenting with the new poses is the part of Studio Memory Lane Photography, so here you can visualize that the picture is taken from the upper angle of the couple. This shot is taken in the Gurdwara during their Anandkaraj and Lavaan. It is a ritual in Sikh religion where the couple bow down in front of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Here, we have used the drone camera with the standard lenses to capture such an amazing shot. Also, it is covering the glorified look of the bride while sitting in the Gurdwara. It is visualizing  all the minute details of the surrounding.

About the Jodi!

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi!

India is land of multi-color traditions and religions, thus here we, as Studio Memory Lane Photography, are presenting one of the lavish wedding picture of wedding in Sikh family. Moreover, the couple is wearing the traditional attires such as the bride is carrying maroon Lehenga with all the matching accessories such as Chudda, Kaleere etc., whereas the groom is wearing Shervani with the twinning Turban and Mala.

Specifically in India, during wedding the celebrations and rituals start two-three days before the wedding and even continue until next day of wedding. All these rituals have their own beliefs and significance. Let us explore some of these rituals and traditions:

  • Ladies Sangeet: The celebration before marriage has one most pompous day. It is dedicated to all the women, whether from groom side or bride side. On this day, the female members of the families use to sing the folklores or songs. Also, they celebrate the happiness with dancing on the beat of Dhol.
  • Vatna or Haldi:  Another most celebrating day, with a ritual before marriage is known as Vatna or Haldi. On such day, in both the families of groom and bride, rub over the paste of haldi, mixed with some authentic herbs on the individual’s skin. It brings out the glow on the face of the groom as well as bride.

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