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Top candid wedding photographers Nawanshahr | Beyond Perfection

Top candid wedding photographers Nawanshahr | Beyond Perfection

We, Studio Memory Lane – the top candid wedding photographers Nawanshahr, are there with all the best props and ideas that will capture all the happy faces, as these are going to support you in your hard times.

Why to capture the moments?

You definitely had lots of memories with your loved ones, then still why people prefer to shoot them and capture them through camera lenses, there are some special reasons, and here they are:

  • Our photographs will always tell us what is important for us, as in hard times, we able to get back those pictures and recall the happy part of life and can realize that you still have support of such people even when time is not supporting you.
  • Most importantly photographs sometime become the reason for communication among the people, as there are times when you meet some new people in events and click pictures with them. So, sharing of such pictures will help you to create and share the connection that you two strangers might had.
  • Undoubtedly, clicking such photographs makes you an artist; it is not only a technical field but more than that it is an art. Thus, if you feel love in capturing the nature, people or whatever around you, then you are definitely an artist.

So, photographs will definitely give you time to built your skills, your emotions and even connections.

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Top candid wedding photographers Nawanshahr

Cute Shot!

Here, the cameras of Studio Memory Lane captured the couple with the new props of the initial alphabets and colorful background. Moreover, our professionals had really planned well to make the shots look more impressive and presentable. The front beamer lights are helping the DSLR cameras and the compact lenses in getting the clear shot. The foreground is highlighted by blurring the background and hiding all the dark shadows. Here, we also suggested the couple to pose while hugging each other.

Beyond Perfection!

Hathan Wich Hove Tera Hath!

In this shot, you can see the couple in their indo-western look. The bride-to-be is wearing the heavy embroidery Lehenga. With that, she is also carrying the matching accessories such as bracelets, danglers etc. She is having the beautiful patterns of henna. In fact, it is very interesting for you to know that in India, it is a belief that the color of henna tattoo determines the tendency of love that your husband really feels for you. On the other side, the top candid wedding photographers Nawanshahr, captured the groom-to-be in his wine formal suit with white shirt.

Studio Memory Lane – top candid wedding photographers Nawanshahr

All the memories are very special for you and your love partner, thus we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there with all the best themes and set-ups that will enhance your photo-shoot experience with us. Our team of highly skilled photographers maintains all the latest and updated equipment and has proper knowledge of using them. Apart from Nawanshahr, you can find our services across the nation with all the value for money packages.

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