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Punjabi Couple Photography Bathinda | Punjabi Love!

Punjabi Couple Photography Bathinda | Punjabi Love!

Punjab is famous for its tradition and colorful rituals. Now-a-days, these rituals add spark to the Punjabi couple photography Bathinda. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane, are there with all the Punjabi traditional studio-based set ups or props that are going to present you as the Punjabi Jodi!

Punjabi Couple Photography!

Dim-light Shot!

This is one of the quality shot captured by the cameras of Studio Memory Lane. In this shot, we used many traditional things as a prop such as Manja (the folding bed made with ropes and wooden structure) and Daang (wooden long stick used as a weapon). The couple is suggested to pose while sitting on Manja and talking to each other. The groom-to-be is posing in swag! While the bride-to-be is looking bit shy. As it is a dim light shot, so we organized all the lights in the foreground as well as in the background to make the actions and expressions clear and vibrant. Moreover, the fish eye-lenses are used to bring focus on the subjects.

Tips for shooting in low-light zone!

It is not possible to find light every time, so you have to take up the challenge to capture the memories in low-light. So, for your sake, we are here with some tips and tricks that you can use while shooting in low-light zones:

  • Plan ahead of time to bring a tripod, flash and your fastest lens. It’s also helpful to pack a small flashlight in your bag.
  • We suggest you to lower shutter speeds.

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Punjabi Love!

Sir Tera Pyaar Bolda Ee, Jatta Chadh Ke!

In this picture, we are presenting one of our best works in the Punjabi couple photography Bathinda. For getting this shot, we used the DSLR camera kits with the extreme wide angle and standard lenses. The main reason behind using these lenses is to cover the event in a natural way as well as to cover some of the very impressive shots in single shot. To illuminate the background, we used the various lightings that helped in bringing out the expressions of the couple.

Studio Memory Lane – Punjabi couple photography Bathinda

All the memories are very special for you and our team completely understands and supports it with our quality work. So, whenever you want value for money work from our experts, you can find us as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, at your service. We have all the latest equipment that will provide you the HQ work. Apart from Bathinda, our services are available across the nation as well.

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