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Photographers of Punjab | Styling Pictures!

Photographers of Punjab | Styling Pictures!

Your memories are your strength, so, Studio Memory Lane – Professional Photographers of Punjab, are always there to capture them for you. We are very passionate and dedicated to all our clients, just to capture the best memories for all of you. Even, our professional team has experience of many years with technical skills to shoot any type of photography.

Photographers of Punjab!

About the image!

You can see the quality of our work in the above picture. This image has shot in the venue’s ground. We have used wide-angle lenses with DSLR cameras. Moreover, the natural source of light is illuminating the gestures and expressions of the couple.  To make this shot more presentable, the hue-effect is working well on the elements in the background. Moreover, blur effect in the picture is making the subjects look more appealing and impressive. You can even have a look at a similar couple story by clicking Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ferozepur.

Apart from the hard work and creativity of the photographers, the devices play an important role in saving your memories. So, let us have a look at the primary functioning as well as features of DSLR cameras.

All work of DSLR’s

The DSLR camera has been proved as one of the best discoveries in the field of photography. It allows the photographer to capture the clear and HQ pictures of the subject from different angles and heights. DSLR is one of the latest equipment that has been used in all types of photography with different types of lenses and in-built features. Now, let us see some of the features of DSLR cameras:

  • It comes with multiple shooting modes such as Aperture Priority Mode, Shutter Priority Mode, etc., which help adjust the settings according to the shot. Also, it also consists of the ISO feature that makes your pictures look more appealing and amazing.
  • It has a double focus feature in which you can either use the single focus on the subject or create a spectrum also.

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About the Jodi!

Styling Pictures!

Here, you can see the newly married couple captured by the best photographers of Punjab. The bride is carrying a peachy Lehenga with heavy embroidery while on the other side, the groom is wearing the cream color Shervani with the peachy color Turban. He is also carrying a Dushala. His simple look is making him a gentle man. Moreover, both of them are looking very friendly and happy together.

Studio Memory Lane – best professional wedding photographers in Punjab

All the events have some special moments, which are meant to be preserved for upcoming years. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane – best professional wedding photographer in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here to guide you with the trendy poses for your special day. We have all the updated and technical equipment that help to get the exact pictures you are expecting from us. Moreover, we have a team of photographers, who have experience of many years in capturing the ultimate shots.

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