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Best Wedding photography Chandigarh | Twining on the Love swing!

Best Wedding photography Chandigarh | Twining on the Love swing!

Love is such kind of feeling that gives wings to your aspirations and you fly higher and higher in terms of fulfilling them. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane, providing the best wedding photography Chandigarh, are here to capture your special memories in your favorite poses.

Also, getting married to your love partner is the biggest aspiration of one’s life. Therefore, if all the arrangements are done and your marriage date is fixed, now it is the time to book us for the ultimate wedding photography experience.

Best Wedding photography Chandigarh

Swing Shot!

Here, you can glance at the finest work done by the Studio Memory Lane.  Our team of photographers has done the whole set-up, in which we used various props like a swing. For this shot, we also guided the couple to pose while sitting holding hands and swinging on the swing together. The umbrella modifiers and beamers are used as the main source of light and to highlight their expressions as well as gestures. To make it more presentable, the hue-effect is given on the elements in the background. Moreover, the picture is blurred from the corners.

  • Blur Effect!

In this picture as well as all the other pictures, you have seen us using the blur effect! So, here is a brief description of the blur effect in the field of photography. Here we go:

  • Hey, blurry blur!

Blurring is an effect that is very common to either highlight or hides the elements within the picture or in background. It is very popular to be used in pre-wedding or wedding photography. It contrasts within the depth filled and surface. Therefore, it directly takes the attention of the viewers on the main subject instead of distracting them from the background.

  • Blur effect with bokeh effect!

The bokeh effect is the aesthetic quality of out-the-focus points of light. It gives a fairy tale and magical touch to your pictures. It is a very impressive way to hide the elements and at the same time, to make it more impressive and presentable.

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About the Couple!

Twining on the Love swing!

In this frame, while providing the best wedding photography Chandigarh, we captured the couple wearing similar color western attires. The bride-to-be is looking very cute in her open curly hair. She is also wearing a shrug over the blacktop. On the other hand, the groom-to-be is carrying a white T-shirt with a brown jacket. Both are looking very complementing and their excitement of being together is visible through their smiles.

Studio Memory Lane – best wedding photography Chandigarh

Walking ahead in your life, you will reach that stage where you will miss every person who is close to your heart but not there with you. Hence, all memories that we, Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, are going to capture and preserve for you, will keep you close to all your near and dear ones. We have all the latest and updated technical devices that will provide you with quality results.

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