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Bridal Photographers in Ferozepur | Traditional Royalty!

Bridal Photographers in Ferozepur | Traditional Royalty!

For a girl, it is a dream to look royal like a princess on her wedding. It is a day that she is waiting for so long when she realizes that one day a prince will come to take her away to a new world. She builds many dreams about her own family. Thus, all her dreams will come true on the wedding day. Thus, we at Studio Memory Lane the best bridal photographers in Ferozepur, are there to capture all the moments that a bride is going to live as a princess.

A girl tends to look more beautiful on her wedding, as she does many preparations beforehand. She experiences many mix-up emotions regarding her upcoming life. Also, she might get very nervous after thinking about the new relations that she is going to make in her new in-laws family.

About the Beautiful Princess!

A bride always dreams of dressing up in the most beautiful attire which is going to be true on her wedding day. Here, in this picture, the bride is wearing an elegant heavy embroided Lehnga with full lace Dupatta. She is also carrying heavy necklace set with Mang Tikka (an accessory) which adds more royalty. In addition, she is having beautiful henna patterns on her hand, which make her look more prestigious. Her makeover is captured very neatly by the best bridal photographers in Ferozepur with the blended contouring and golden eye shadow. All such efforts from her side are enough to let his prince charming go mad for her.

About the frame captured by the best bridal photographers in Ferozepur

All pictures have their own place in the wedding album, but this frame has its own importance. Most of the people use this shot on the cover page to introduce it as the love of the groom. In this picture, you can observe the blending of various flashlights to enhance the facial expressions. This shot is taken from the height to get the whole face in one wide frame. Even, the minute details are visible in the shot. This is an example of the work that Studio Memory Lane the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, is providing in all types of photo-shoot.

About the Studio Memory Lane

We at, Studio Memory Lane know how to match your pose with the surroundings. Thus, we use best of our ideas to capture your whole wedding from our DSLR cameras. We use all the high quality lenses to get the perfect shots. We have experience of many years in this field. Even, our customers review us as the best photographers as we entirely believe in customer satisfaction.

If you are also looking for the best bridal poses to capture, then we the best professional bridal photographers in Ferozepur, are here at your service.

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