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Punjabi couple Photographers | Engagement ceremony!

Punjabi couple Photographers | Engagement ceremony!

Every love couple wants to be together for the whole life. Thus, the moment when they are actually going to be together is very special. We as Studio Memory Lane – the best Punjabi couple Photographers are there to capture all those valuable moments for you.

Engagement ceremony is the event of exchanging the love bands and promising to be together forever. All the sacrifices that they had made for being together and all of their trust become fruitful on this day. Both, the bride-to-be and groom-to-be experiences various emotions on this day. Also, it is a ceremony to initiate wedding day and Studio Memory Lane is always ready to capture those moments!

About the picture from the cameras of the best Punjabi couple Photographers

This picture is one of the best examples of the Punjabi couple photography. Here, you can see the bride-to-be and groom-to-be are standing with each other. This shot is taken from the long lens as it captures the shot with more depth. In addition, it clicks pictures with wide aperture. Also, the proper lightning system is used with the umbrella modifier that helps in the dispersion of the light. This pose is providing the best angle to capture the full-length of the couple.

About the Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be

All they want is to be together and now they are going to be engaged!  Here, both are looking very happy as well as compatible. The bride-to-be is wearing a very beautiful silver and grey Lehnga with elegant pearl earrings. On the other side, the groom-to-be is wearing a handsome black suit. Both of them are giving very pleasing look. Thus, it assures that they both are going to look perfect for each other. The best Punjabi couple Photographers have captured their smiles very elegantly that show the confidence and happiness of being lucky to have each other in their lives.

About the Studio Memory Lane

When it comes to celebration and parties, then get together of all the relatives and friends are must. Such events and occasions have many happy moments that are required to be captured for you remembrance. Thus, we as Studio memory Lane –  the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there with all of our services. We use all the latest and updated equipment. Our all photographers have experience of many years in this field.

If you also want to capture your engagement ceremony, then we the professional Punjabi couple photographers, are here to provide you our services across the nation.

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