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Laavan Phere – Professional wedding photography

Laavan Phere – Professional wedding photography

Professional wedding photography is all about taking the whole coverage of wedding rituals and sacred ceremonies. Bride in this wedding is touched by emotions while performing the sacred ritual of Laavan Phere. It is an Indian tradition where the wedding couple takes circles round the bonfire while a preast chants sacred Mantras and tells the couple about all the obligations of marriage. Couple bounds with a pure Gath Bandhan – a bond of promises.

It is a very beautiful moment when you experience it in person. With the help of professional wedding photography, we at Studio Memory Lane tried our best to put the essence of originality by photographing these rituals. We make sure to put life by capturing the random poses with high emotions. With the passion of gathering the same feelings in still photographs, we wait for these heart felt moments to happen. The time we catch the compassioned glimpse, we just pick them for some perfect candid shots.

For making a wonderful memory lane, we are keep on enhancing the techniques related to professional wedding photography. When it comes to high quality, we make sure to increase our potential for providing the services at the best level. Hard work with the utmost passion is all we know about putting the best elements for the best results.


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