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Indian Wedding Photographer – Studio Memory Lane | Chandigarh

Indian Wedding Photographer – Studio Memory Lane | Chandigarh

When you talk of Indian wedding, the mind prompts it to be the wedding with touch of culture, tradition and exciting ceremonies. Indian ceremonies are full of rituals or vice-versa. The rituals that enchant the Indian Wedding to be captured forever in time frames. Through the above picture, Indian Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh portray the wonder of emotion resides in the smile of couple.

Punjabi Wedding is all about building a bond of love and happiness. The wedding which has Dhol, Giddha, Bhangra and a lot of little exciting ceremonies; and “Anand Karaj” is the one, wedding is incomplete without!

Talk over the world, only Indian Wedding is such that reflects the true bridal emotions and performs proper rituals to get tied in the bond of love called Gathbandhan

Not only two meets for a reason, also it is a meet and greet between two families.

“Ceremonies before Indian Wedding”

When groom (called Dulha) enters the premises, families perform some greetings in the form of rituals. Exchanging gifts, greeting each other, doing ceremony Milni’s before wedding shows some affection and kind gesture.

When groom enters the premises, the cousins / sisters of Bride blocks the entrance. They ask for “Shagun from sister’s husband as a token of fun-love.

The Emotional Connect

Finally, Dulha enters the premises and sits on its chair alongside with the bride’s sitting. Sooner the Bride enters with his brothers, heading Chunri over herself is a gesture of brother(s) showing care for his sister. Indian Weddings are as beautiful as to be photographed in the frames forever. Whenever flashback to be seen it connects oneself with the picture and emotion.

It’s kind of a very pure feeling which everyone has dealt with marrying in India with all the culture, rituals and culture. Thus, Indian wedding photographers in Chandigarh try their level best to capture this emotional connect behind the frames of love.

About Studio Memory Lane

Studio Memory Lane, team of Young, Experience and Professional photographers to drive you through the wonderful experiences of Indian Wedding trails having touch of Tradition and Culture. We up hold the quality and perspective to serve you the ultimacy. Being the best professional Indian wedding photographer in Chandigarh as well Punjab, we are keen to bring perfection in our work with your perspective.

Working since years, our team is seamlessly perfect to capture the shot precisely. Leveraging to our up-to-date accessories and equipment we use only professional customized kits to bring the sheer perfection in our work.

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