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Lets celebrate equality – Pre wedding couple Navdeep & Navdeep

Lets celebrate equality – Pre wedding couple Navdeep & Navdeep

Being equal in a relationship means with loving and caring each other equally. Like the names, this pre wedding couple – Navdeep & Navdeep, celebrating their equal parts in each other’s life with a promise of being together in all the phases of life. Faith is the only basis to strengthen this kind of bond. It can be seen clearly through their glowing faces that they have held hands with utmost faith. No matter what, this faith is definitely going to be the strength for standing beside the partner in every situation.

We, as a team of Studio Memory Lane, found this pre wedding couple too faithful. So, we decided to celebrate their beginning of sweet and faithful journey by creating a lovely setup for their pre wedding photoshoot. We got the idea of reflecting equality with the help of royal poses where they can stand with prestige. It seems like they are ready to fly with the wings of love and support.

This is how we represent an electrifying chemistry when we work with a pre wedding couple. We always try to put a different element for creating visual memories in the form of professional photography. Whether it is pre wedding, wedding or any other event, we explore more and more to capture from the different perspective just to give an explanatory reason for the celebration.


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