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Candid wedding photographers Ferozepur | Friendship goals!

Candid wedding photographers Ferozepur | Friendship goals!

We all have heard this – “Friend in need is a friend indeed” so how can you forget your friends on your very special days. Now a days, it is becoming a trend to have pre-wedding photo-shoots with the close friends of bride-to-be and groom-to-be. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the top professional candid wedding photographers Ferozepur, are always there to capture your experience and memories with your Jigri Yaar’s.

Candid wedding photographers Ferozepur

Exciting Capture!

The happiest people for your wedding besides your family members are your friends; they all are just crazy about your special day. Here, we – Studio Memory Lane, captured the couple and their friends in a single frame with wide-angle shot. For this picture, we used the DSLR cameras and standard lenses that captured the shot with more clarity and high contrast and brightness. In addition, for getting the candid picture, our team has suggested the couple to pose while looking to each other, on the other side also guided their friends to do any random action that reveals their excitement for their best-friends marriage.

Things to care during Pre-wedding Poses with Squad!

Pre-wedding is the best time to capture the memories, thus here are some of the things that you need to care while capturing your one with your friends:

  • Always try to wear something abstract that can make you look different and same time twinning with others. This will make your shot look more interesting and colorful.
  • You can use the same t-shirts with some funny quotes. When it comes to make fun, then how can you forget the silly nick names, or phrases that you have used to tease each other!
  • Always give the natural expressions and poses; it is illogical to tell your friends to pose in any particular manner. So, just tell them to pose random in the way they want and see that you will get the best pictures with them.

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About the Couple & Squad!

Friendship goals!

This is one of the finest examples of the work done by the top professional candid wedding photographers Ferozepur. Here, the couple and their friends are wearing the western attires. The bride-to-be is wearing the long floral pattern skirt with black and white pattern top whereas her partner is wearing the casual blue coat over black shirt and white trousers. Apart from them, their friends are wearing the different combinations of top and trousers that almost make them look twinning.

Studio Memory Lane – candid wedding photographers Ferozepur

Friendship is the best relation in the whole world, as this is the relation where you can share all of your good or bad experiences with your friends with no second thought in your mind. On the same time, the person you will marry also become the special one with whom you share the similar feelings. Thus, we Studio Memory Lanethe best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are always ready for shooting all the events and occasions of your life. We have all the latest tools and the skilled team of photographers who are passionate about their work. Our experience in this field has helped us to gain success and always push us to do hard work, so that we can keep up with the expectations of our customers or clients.

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