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Candid pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh | Tales of Love!

Candid pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh | Tales of Love!

Are you looking for the best candid pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh? Well, this article is just for you. It can help you to choose the best ones as pre-wedding is the only time where you make the wonderful memories and you can’t resist to capture these in the best candid way.

Pre-wedding photo shoot is something that comes first in the list of ‘things-to-do’ for a wedding Saga. It is a trend that is hitting social media for its beautiful cinematography. Whether it is your real love story or an imaginary one, you can portray it very easily through the frames of pre-wedding shoot.

Studio Memory Lane – a team of best candid pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, is setting up the remarkable standards for professional wedding photography. Their skills behind the camera play a very significant role on how much photogenic you are looking on the screen. No one is camera-friendly in one go. But, with SML – Chandigarh | Punjab, you can have the best experience of shooting in front of the camera.

Let us have a look on the photographs clicked by the frames of Studio Memory Lane for candid pre wedding photo shoot. To begin with, here is a YouTube video of a lovely couple, shot in Jaipur.

In this video, you will get to see how amazingly a tale of love has been portrayed by the crew of Studio Memory Lane. Started from a historical place, this video has two parts – one is typical Bollywood and the other is a pinch of Punjabi Culture. One can easily pleased with the perspective this team is having for picturising a cinematic view.

Also, their songs’ selection sets the emotions – off screen and on screen. One can feel the vibe watching such amazing cinematography for the candid moments of pre wedding.

All about Pre-wedding Static Photo shoot

Moving ahead, there are some static pictures clicked by the best candid pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, portraying the tales of love with true couple goals.

Couple with the strongest bond!

Candid pre-wedding photographers Chandigarh

The picture given is beautifully clicked for the purpose of pre-wedding photo shoot. The couple is looking elegant with adorable faces. One can not ignore the chemistry they are reflecting through this frame.

This picture is giving us the idea of a strong bond between two loved ones. Also, it is truly said that finding the ‘right one’ is the best feeling of this world, which is worth celebrating. Keeping that in mind, these two lovelies are giving the huge couple goals for celebrating their togetherness in the form of pre-wedding shoot.

Looking at the beautiful background, the picture is portraying a very light moment with the accurate edges on the frame. All thanks to Studio Memory Lane as their photographers make sure that everything is on the point to capture what exactly they want.

For this couple, Simplicity works wonders!

pre wedding photographers chandigarh

Coming up next with this picture of a lovely couple making a candid look for their pre wedding shoot. The picture is all about showing the chemistry of this couple where they are posing with such lovely faces.

The picture has a very unique background which is seeming attractive with a simple frame. This kind of shots are loved by the couples as it looks even more classy.

Filming such epic shot is actually a challenge for the photographers as they can not take so many things in the frame. Also, the background is having only one color. Thus, all you have is your object and the color combination on the background, on which you can play to have a perfect shot.

Also, you can see a slight shade on the couple that is complementing the picture even more. It shows that the photographers have played with the lights as well.

Hold my hand love! And Shine like a star

Pre wedding photo shoot

This picture is one of a kind where you can get to see so many epic things playing in one frame. First of all, lets talk about the couple who is the centre of attraction in this picture. The two are posing for their pre-wedding photo shoot in a very elegant form. Being with each other, they are truly believing the fact that their love is shining like a star that spreads light in the dark.

That is why, Studio Memory Lane chose this beautiful frame for portraying the beauty of this couple. They both are glamming with their glamorous attires. One can not take the eyes away from their lovely chemistry.

Moving towards the picture, it has various things playing all together for making a wonderful memory lane. The light is having a major impact on this frame as a whole. Making it black and white has a purpose as it is throwing more focus on the whites and also, the blacks are making it even more prime.

All about Studio Memory Lane

professional candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab


After going through the photography skills of the team of Studio Memory Lane, it is time to know more about them. Studio Memory Lane is a company that is providing professional photography services across the boundaries of Punjab.

Also, recently they have landed up in the city of peace – Chandigarh! Extending their boundary limits, they are serving all over India to capture the best moments in a single frame.

If you are keen to know about the services, then here is a short description about the things they have for you:

Starting from the traditional photography, they are exploring each day to reach to the standards of modernisation. Pre-wedding photography, candid photography, professional photography, event photography and many more they have to serve you with the best quality.

Also, they have the tremendous skills for the cinematography. It is the result of the mutual understanding in a team work that they follow very passionately to get the desired outputs.

Coming towards the technology and quality, they have the best technology for the devices they use to capture the epic shots and clips. They keep on updating the techniques and timely train their handlers to form the experts out of guidance and practice.

Following the passion and hard work, team of Studio Memory Lane is working towards all the challenges they face in regular work routines.

Informative Buzz

As you all know, Studio Memory Lane provides informative blogs for the people out there every week. How can they forget to give a sneak peek for the most trending blog now? There was a time when they written a blog on the title – ‘What to wear in Pre Wedding?‘ and we got some important piece of information as well. This time, it has come up with a short description about this hot topic given below:

5 Trending outfits that girls can wear for Pre-wedding Photo Shoot
  • Short dress: If it is summer, you can wear a short summer dress as it seems very elegant in the pictures.
  • Punjabi suit: So many couples want their pre wedding photo shoot in a Punjabi tradition. For such themes, Punjabi suit suits the best.
  • Saree: A saree is always evergreen. No matter how many fashion trends have been changed so far, saree has always been a beautiful attire for a girl to pose for the perfect picture.
  • Gown: A gown can also make your picture look attractive when you pose like a doll with a floor length attire.
  • Lehanga: If you are following a traditional theme, and want to look ethnic, then lehenga is what you can wear to look glamorous.

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