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Phagwara pre wedding photographer | My better half!

Phagwara pre wedding photographer | My better half!

Memories have no particular day or time, they are just unpredictable. So, for just those unpredictable moments you need the professionals who remain ready to capture all the memories. That is why we, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional phagwara pre wedding photographer, are reviewed as best photographers and listed in top 10 photo-shoot companies across the nation.

Our company has started its journey with covering the wedding or pre-wedding events on a particular location, but with the quality work and best customer services, today we are available across nation.

Phagwara pre wedding photographers

Embracing Shot!

The Studio Memory Lane framed this shot in the main venue. As it is a daylight shot, we managed the DSLR cameras with the standard and compact lenses. We have suggested the couple to stand together and the bride-to-be is posing while embracing her love partner. Both are giving their natural expressions. The umbrella modifiers are used to get such clear shots as they help in proper dispersion of light from various angles.

About Smiling Jodi!

My better half!

Here, you can see the best professional phagwara pre wedding photographer captured the couple in the indo-western attires. The bride-to-be is carrying the long brown western gown and she is also having the accessories such as couple-watches etc. On the other side, the groom-to-be is wearing the basket over the white-shirt and formal pent. Both are looking very friendly and compatible with each other. The bonding that they both are creating this time will last forever. Also, all these small conversations and small moments will help them to feel fresh and rejuvenated in all the hard times of the life.

Studio memory Lane – Phagwara pre wedding photographers

Every moment has many emotions in it and we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there to capture those priceless moments. Our team is highly skilled and has all the professionals with many years of experience in this field. We have all the perfect studio based set-ups for you that will give unique frame to your pictures and make them ideal for other couples as well. Apart from Phagwara, our services are available for 24×7 in every corner of the nation.

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If you are in search for the professional photographers, but at the same time, you want value for money packages, then do not worry when we, the best professional phagwara pre wedding photographer, are there at your service.

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