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Professional wedding photographers in Punjab | Eyes speak volumes!

Professional wedding photographers in Punjab | Eyes speak volumes!

Love is the most beautiful feeling of one’s life, an emotion in which you get selfless affection, care, and support. Being a girl, you experience such emotions when you get your life partner, the one who assures to stand by your side, irrespective of the circumstances you will get to face in the future. So, the moments you spend with that person will become as special as he is for you. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab, are here to collect those moments and to pour them in your album that will last forever with you.

Things to keep in mind!

We know that you feel a bit nervous when it comes to getting yourself clicked on your wedding. To get HQ pictures, it is important to relax and free-minded, as what you feel is what you get in your pictures. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you to feel confident and rejuvenated on your special day:

  • Remember not to skip your diet. We know that it’s your wedding and you might not feel hungry due to multiple thoughts and emotions, still it is important to eat. This is so because your wedding ceremony is going to be a big event. All you just need is to look healthy not only externally but internally as well.
  • Always make sure that you have plenty of sleep. Honestly, it is important for your mind as well as for your body. For this, a night before the wedding you can relax by getting hair or body massage, listening to your favorite melodies and falling asleep.

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Professional wedding photographers in Punjab

Bride Face Shot!

Our team of Studio Memory Lane has elegantly presented a close-up shot of the bride. For this shot, we have made necessary adjustments like managing the lights. It is so because these are going to illuminate the expressions of the diva and highlight her attire as well. The front beamer is the best source of light, especially when you want to highlight the subject or elements in the close-up view. We also used the close-up lens that is working very efficiently with the DSLR cameras. To make our subject look more presentable, the background is blurred completely. Moreover, we guided the bride to pose while sitting on the sofa and looking at one side.

The Diva!

Eyes speak volumes!

Always remember – Your eyes are the mirror of your emotions! In this shot, the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab, beautifully captured the bride who is carrying her traditional magenta color Lehenga. She is also carrying accessories like a heavy necklace set with danglers and MangTika. Her hair is styled with a heavy bun and decorated with the flowery pins. Also, her hands are filled with the patterns of dark patched henna and Chudda.

Studio Memory Lane – Professional wedding photographers in Punjab

When it comes to making a booking for the professional photographers for your wedding or engagement ceremony, you might be having a long list of services to expect such as quality, creative and so on. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here with all those services that you want. We have all the professional technical devices with a skilled and experienced team.

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