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Portraying pre wedding shoot | Sandeep & Shilpi

Portraying pre wedding shoot | Sandeep & Shilpi

Pre wedding shoot in this picture is portraying a lovely bond of the couple – Sandeep and Shilpi, who are taking their steps closer to the happy beginning. Their love is like a firefly which glows even more when it is dark all around. They can effortlessly pass through the ups and downs when they are together. Their chemistry speaks volumes when they pose for their love and affection.

This picture tells how they shine even in dark with the utmost glory. This is one of the best pictures from their pre wedding shoot. This shot looks epic when the original lights plays a major role in falling off shadows all over. It defines a different royalty with camera rolling from particular angle. We at Studio Memory Lane, make sure to click the originality as we have picturized this shot in an original setup to give a regal look.

This is how we work for pre wedding shoot. A lot of hard work, passion and originality plays major role in the activities we take forward for photographing your precious life moments. So that, you can cherish them in your life at any time with the same emotions and happiness. It is always good to remind your precious past moments for a good reason. Your smiles are milestones for us, which come while glancing at the memory lane we made.


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