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Wedding Photographers Phagwara | Kanwar Chahal!

Wedding Photographers Phagwara | Kanwar Chahal!

Videographing the engagement ceremony is the new trend, that comes with the new young couples. Also, couples introduce us with the new ideas and our Wedding Photographers Phagwara work on them to make their photography look more natural. They even use new mix match attires and famous places for their engagement ceremony.

All the engagement poses and situations are completely unplanned and are recorded in natural form to make it more genuine. Bollywood songs suit perfectly for such events. Here, we as Studio Memory Lane, used our best skills to make you experience the romance, fun, excitement and happiness that they both as well as their dear ones are feeling.

About the Cinematography done by the Wedding Photographers Phagwara

The cinematography completely works on the various places where the couple enjoys the atmosphere. All the friends and relatives are dancing and adding up spark to their event. Moreover, our professional photographers of Studio Memory Lane introduced the ‘Dancing Theme’ that uses the special camera with new techniques to capture all the dance performances in slow-motion. Our cameras capture the front line motion. The focus is completely on the main people. In this video, real voice over is seeming quite attractive.

About the Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be

The couple is complementing each other, where both are wearing different colors. The bride-to-be is wearing a long grey heavy embroidery gown with half open curvy hair. Also, she is wearing the shimmery Necklace set and danglers, which enhance her beauty. On the other side, the groom-to-be is in the formal suit with the bow-tie. Both are sharing the happiness and lifelong bond with each other. This will strengthen up their bond and will make good understanding with friendly relation. All this is clearly visible in the lenses of Wedding Photographers Phagwara.

About the Studio Memory Lane

When it comes to capture all over the aspects of any event whether it’s wedding or pre-wedding or engagement video, then we always rely on using the new update devices as well as techniques. Moreover, we are providing our services all across the nation and understand the importance of memories to be capture.

Thus, if you are also looking for the Wedding Photographers in Phagwara,  we’re here with our 24*7 services and team of professionals.

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