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Destination Wedding Photographers in Nawanshahr | Pre-wedding love!

Destination Wedding Photographers in Nawanshahr | Pre-wedding love!

Pre-wedding shoot is the best time when both – the groom-to-be and bride-to-be can customize the ideas according to their needs. We, at Studio Memory LaneDestination Wedding Photographers in Nawanshahr, use all new trends to make your pre-wedding unique and different to make it worth complementing.

A couple has always dreamt of the various destinations, where they both want to visit and want to capture all the moments. These are the sources of happiness and motivation for them. Also, this picture completely depicts the love in a ‘Titanic Pose’ with much love and affection.

About the couple

Here, the couple is completely in love with each other. It’s a very lovable pose. Our photographers of Studio Memory Lane, professionally captured the couple while elaborating them in the dark shade with the vibrant background. The groom-to-be is in the formal dress with Turban, while the bride-to-be is wearing the suit of Maroon color. They both are complementing each other very well.

About the picture capture in the lenses of Destination Wedding Photographers in Nawanshahr

The picture seems like a ‘Titanic Pose’, where the groom-to-be and bride-to-be are standing together. It’s a daylight shot which is done on the terrace of the house. The team decided to click it in the evening to give a very beautiful color contrast in the background. The DSLR camera performed the HD clarity function very well. The dark shade is perfectly visible. On the other side, the Dupatta of the Bride is set to be visible like its blowing in the air. But behind the cameras, all actual set up is done in artificial manner, which is ultimately unable to be detect in the picture.

About the Studio Memory Lane

We believe that ‘even after long time, when they will look back to these pictures, they might be able to feel the same attachment and love for their relationship’. Thus, we are available all across the country for planning and executing a perfect photo-shoot at any destination for you.

If you also feel the same about the pictures, then we as Destination Wedding Photographers in Nawanshahr, are available with all the services. For more information, contact us via:

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