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Wedding Photographer in Mohali | Mr. & Mrs. Perfect!

Wedding Photographer in Mohali | Mr. & Mrs. Perfect!

Wedding is the main day for which both the bride and groom prepare beforehand. From their wedding attires to the matching accessories, they want all these things to be perfect. Thus, we as Studio Memory Lanethe best wedding photographer in Mohali, are there to make your pictures look unique and eye-catchy.

Wedding is the relationship that the couples share for lifetime. Whether its happiness or  sorrows, they are there to support and motivate each other at any phase of life. Their bonding and love give them strength to bear all the hardships and provide courage to make their dreams come true.

About the shot captured by the professional wedding photographer in Mohali

This is one of the best samples of the work done by the Studio Memory Lane. In this picture, we suggested the couple to give the natural pose. It is a day light shot, so the lightning system is used very carefully. The shot is taken from the DSLR camera, as the details and quality are revealing the work of the lenses. The long length aperture is working to get all the facial details. However, in editing we have made the proper balance between the brightness and contrast to make picture look effective and natural as well.

About the Mr. & Mrs. Perfect!

Here, the best wedding photographer in Mohali, has captured the couple clearly and elegantly. The groom and bride are wearing the traditional wedding attires. On one side, the bride is carrying heavy red Lehnga with matching accessories like Chudda, Mang-Tikka etc. She is also having the beautiful patterns of henna on her hands that is adding charm in her look. On the other side, the groom to be is wearing Shervani with contrasting Turban. He is also carrying Mala (an accessory) that is making him look very handsome.

About the Studio Memory Lane

When it comes to capturing all the special moments of wedding, then we as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh are there for providing all types of photo-shoot. We use all the updated equipment and new trending ideas for preserving your pictures for lifetime. Our photographers are highly skilled and have experience of many years. Moreover, we have all the required props to make you pictures look one of their own.

If you are also looking for the best wedding photography, then we – the professional Wedding Photographer in Mohali, are there to capture all those special moments of your life. In addition, we are reviewed as the best photographers for providing quality work in pocket-friendly packages.

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