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Top candid photographer Chandigarh | Ring Ceremony!

Top candid photographer Chandigarh | Ring Ceremony!

LOVE is the best feeling that makes you close to your life partner. Such affection, care, and understanding is a key to successful relationship. Thus, we as Studio Memory Lane – the top candid photographer Chandigarh, are there to capture all your lovable moments.

To celebrate this love and for creating a forever bond, there are many rituals and ceremonies that are performed. Ring ceremony is one of those rituals, in which the couples exchange their engagement rings. This is done to make promise to spend whole life together. In addition, on this occasion all the family members, relatives, and friends gather to shower blessings on the couple.

About the picture taken by the top candid photographer Chandigarh

In this picture, the main venue hall is used to capture the moments of the couple. We used the DSLR cameras to capture the details of the couple. We Studio Memory Lane, used proper lightning system to highlight the subject and blurred the background. This editing helps in illuminating the object. The couple is posing in nostalgic way where the groom-to-be is embracing his future wife. Both are showing their love bands as well. The lamps in the background are creating the hue-effect, that makes the colors brighter and more appealing.

About the Cute Engaged Couple!

Here, the couple is complementing each other. Thus, we the top candid photographer Chandigarh, has captured them very elegantly. The bride-to-be is wearing a heavy peach flare dress with open curly hair. She is also carrying pearl danglers and bracelet. In addition, she is having beautiful floral patterns of henna on her hands. On the other side, the groom-to-be is wearing the formal suit with formal shoes. Their expressions are revealing their nervousness about the future life that they both are going to share together.

About the Studio Memory Lane

Whether it is wedding photo-shoot or pre-wedding photo-shoot, we have all well updated and latest technical devices and equipment for enhancing your experience. Moreover, we use the proper lightning system and modifiers to bring out all the facial details. We as Studio Memory Lanethe best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, have experience of many years in this field. Apart from Chandigarh, we are having our best photographers across the nation.

If you are also looking for such ultimate experience, then we the top candid photographer Chandigarh, are there to provide you all services.

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