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Wedding Photographer in Moga | Pre-Wedding Shots!

Wedding Photographer in Moga | Pre-Wedding Shots!

The D-Day celebrates the love bond of the couple. Thus, now-a-days couples prefer to have the pre-wedding photo-shoot. There are ample of reasons why they like such shoot- the foremost reason is the quality time, as couples need more time to know each-other. So, they find it as the best way to spend time. We know that this day is going to be very special for you and we at Studio Memory LaneWedding Photographer in Moga, understand this very well.

Our Pre-wedding facilities are completely customizable with all types of themes. Here, we presented the traditional theme for Punjabi Couple. Although, it is the best way to preserve one’s own tradition and culture.

About the picture clicked in the camera of the best Wedding Photographer in Moga

This picture shows the love and bond they share as a couple. Such moments are essential for preserving the love they feel between them. Thus, Studio Memory Lane used the wide angle shot to cover the whole frame. A perfect light set-up is made to get such vibrant and clear shots. Both are sitting in the open field of the village. The shot is taken during the sunset. All the lenses are on the elegant couple. The background and foreground captured with a blur effect to make it look more focus and appealing!

About the Punjabi couple

The bride-to-be is wearing Punjabi traditional suit which is of orange color with heavy embroidery on it. While, the groom-to-be is wearing the Kurta Pajama of light cream color that completely complements with the attire of her fiancé. From the cameras of the best Wedding Photographer in Moga one can observe that the couple is very friendly and seems discussing about their new future plans.

About the Studio Memory Lane

We always use our best techniques to capture all the moments. Our team of best photographers use all types of trending ideas to make your wedding look just the way you want. We recently introduced the new set-up that includes all type of the traditional props, tools and equipment and enhances your photography experience.  We use all types of new technical devices with 24*7 services across the nation.

If you’re also looking for such pre-wedding shoot and want to capture all the moments for your album then, our best Wedding Photographer in Moga is here to provide all of our best services for you.

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