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Pre-Wedding Photographers in Bathinda | Nach Baliye

Pre-Wedding Photographers in Bathinda | Nach Baliye

When love is in the air and you have your partner with you, then it becomes mesmerizing to have beautiful dance performance. It entirely rejuvenates the couple captured in the lenses of Studio Memory Lanepre-wedding photographers in Bathinda. They both are looking so beautiful that even time seems at pause to admire their chemistry and love for each other.

Whether it’s groom-to-be or bride-to-be, in their young ages, they imagine about the poses and destinations they want to travel with their companion. The picture given is one of the best examples of such shots.

About the shot captured in the lenses of Pre-Wedding Photographers in Bathinda

Love is the best feeling that anyone can feel. This feeling makes the world – A beautiful place to live in. Thus, the Studio Memory Lane presents the Nach-Baliye theme. In this theme, we used our rotating DSLR cameras and drone to capture the ongoing poses. It is the time to celebrate your love and the best way is to dance and express. This is an inspiration from Bollywood movie – ’Rab Ne Bna Di Jodi’ for such cute couple. The lights are set up in the background to elaborate the expression and actions of the couple. The shoot is done in the night time with umbrella-lights. The shot is taken in the garden of resort, where both are dancing in the center of the Pillars-Structure.

About the Cute Jodi!

Both of them are having very cute smile. Here, the groom-to-be is wearing a formal suit with Black–Orange contrast. He is wearing the black shirt with black pent and also having an orange over-coat. On the other side, the bride-to-be is dressed up in the long gown of dark-grey color with light pink heels. She is having the open wavy hairstyle. Their pose set by the Pre -Wedding Photographers in Bathinda is expressing their love and strong bond, that as a viewer you can also feel.

About the Studio Memory Lane

When it comes to night shots, all one need is perfection and proper equipment to capture with low-light cameras.  Also, the proper light set-up has great impact on the pictures, taken during night time. We have value for money packages and also the best services across the nation. We also have numerous happy customers who are satisfied with our all types of services.

If you also want such perfection in the moments that you want to be captured during your wedding or pre-wedding shoot, then we the professional Pre-Wedding Photographers in Bathinda, are there to provide all kind of photography and videography facilities.

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