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Top wedding photographers in Ferozepur | Best moment Capture

Top wedding photographers in Ferozepur | Best moment Capture

Yet most patient but at same time most emotional person – this is how we can describe the feelings of a bride, who is going to get married with her dream guy. Wedding is not only about the commitment between the two souls but at the same time, attachment and exchange of feelings to each other. Thus Studio Memory lane – the top wedding photographers in Ferozepur, are there to capture all the special moments that are going to touch your heart whenever you see them. These memories and relations are very precious for the couple as they are going to last for lifetime.

Top wedding photographers in Ferozepur

Close-up Smile!

Every girl has many emotions in her heart when she is going to marry her love. Her smile will become much wider and brighter that all lights look fade in front of her charm. Here, we Studio Memory Lane captured a stunning bride in the hall of the main venue. We have organized a bridal photo-shoot for her. It was her wish to capture all of her special moments in best poses. For this shot, we managed all the lights in balance manner as it is going to cover the shots for album and in black-white filter as well. Our DSLR cameras are coordinating with all the lights to maintain the focus on the bride’s face.

Some wedding day advises for all the brides!

As wedding day is the busiest day for you, so here are some advises for all the brides to remember and enjoy her special day:

  • The most important is to be planned well, so that you don’t miss anything and manage all the things that you want to do on your D-day
  • Always remember that whole day is going to be busy, but you must remember to eat something in small portions. It is worthless to neglect your eating habits as it may cause tiredness and you might feel unwell too.
  • As this is the day you are waiting for, so soak in the time and enjoy with your old and new family and friends.

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About the Cute Bride

Best moment Capture!

Cameras of the top wedding photographers in Ferozepur captured the bride in close-up shot. Where her traditional Lehenga is clearly visible with golden thread work. Even, she is carrying the matching accessories such as Chudda, Kaleere and Mang-Tikaa. Her neck is covered with the beautiful heavy necklace that is adding charm to her look. Her face is glowing with the bridal makeover. In addition, her emotions are clearly visible as she is filled with excitement for going to her in-law’s family. Other side, she is feeling emotional as she is going to leave her maternal house behind for her upcoming life.

Studio Memory Lane – top wedding photographers Ferozepur

All the moments are very special and become more precious when they are preserved for the lifetime. Thus, we Studio Memory lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there to capture them in HQ and with best poses. Our team is passionate and dedicated towards its work. Also, we believe in customer satisfaction and fulfillment of their aspirations. Apart from Ferozepur, we are available with all types of photo-shoot across the nation.

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